Advanced Functional Materials

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22_10b/2012Magnetic Materials: Photoinduced Magnetization with a High Curie Temperature and a Large Coercive Field in a Co-W Bimetallic Assembly (Adv. Funct. Mater. 10/2012)

As reported by Shin-ichi Ohkoshi and co-workers on page 2089 a three-dimensional Co-W bimetallic assembly possessing two different aromatic molecules, [{CoII(4-methylpyridine)(pyrimidine)}2{CoII(H2O)2}{WV(CN)8}2]·4H2O, exhibits a photoinduced magnetization due to an optical charge-transfer-induced spin transition with a high Curie temperature (TC) of 48 K and a gigantic coercive field (HC) of 27 000 Oe. The TC and HC values are the highest reported for photoinduced magnetization systems.

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