Advanced Functional Materials

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22_23/2012Optical Waveguides: Polymorphism-Dependent Emission for Di(p-methoxylphenyl)dibenzofulvene and Analogues: Optical Waveguide/Amplified Spontaneous Emission Behaviors (Adv. Funct. Mater. 23/2012)

The solid state emission of di(p-methoxylphenyl) dibenzofulvene and analogues is polymorphism dependent. The crystalline forms are strongly emissive, whereas the amorphous solid is weakly fluorescent. As reported by Guanxin Zhang, Dequing Zhang, and co-workers on page 4862, organic crystalline microrods based on the same molecular entity exhibit strong blue and yellow-green emission, outstanding optical waveguide behavior, and amplified spontaneous emission.

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