Advanced Functional Materials

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22_24b/2012Waveguides: Bottom-Up Tailoring of Plasmonic Nanopeapods Making Use of the Periodical Topography of Carbon Nanocoil Templates (Adv. Funct. Mater. 24/2012)

A guided Rayleigh instability is applied to synthesize Au/Al2O3 nanopeapods with narrow interparticle spacing and regular interparticle distances by annealing carbon nanocoils coated with Au by sputtering and Al2O3 by atomic layer deposition. On page 5157, Yong Qin, Mato Knez, and co-workers demonstrate the strong plasmonic activity of the nanopeapods using confocal laser scanning microscopy, electron energy-loss spectroscopy, energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy imaging, and numerical simulations. The results indicate that the nanopeapods are promising candidates for stable, highly efficient, and ultrathin waveguides.

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