Advanced Functional Materials

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23_28i/2013Organic Electronics: Printed, Flexible, Organic Nano-Floating-Gate Memory: Effects of Metal Nanoparticles and Blocking Dielectrics on Memory Characteristics (Adv. Funct. Mater. 28/2013)

High-performance, top-gated, organic, nanofloating gate memory (NFGM) devices fabricated using spatially well-distributed metallic nanoparticles as a floating gate and dielectrics with long charge relaxation properties are reported by Kang-Jun Baeg, Yong-Young Noh, Dong-Yu Kim, and co-workers on page 3503. The organic NFGM devices show wide memory windows, a high on/off current ratio, and quasi-permanent retention characteristics. The 256-bit NFGM array is also fabricated successfully on a flexible polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) substrate.

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