Advanced Functional Materials

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23_30/2013Capacitors: Block-Copolymer-Assisted One-Pot Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous WO3−x/Carbon Nanocomposites as High-Rate-Performance Electrodes for Pseudocapacitors (Adv. Funct. Mater. 30/2013)

A study by S. Yoon, J. Lee, and co-workers on the improvement of rate performance highlights an important issue for pseudocapacitor electrode materials. On page 3747, the synthesis of an ordered mesoporous tungsten oxide–carbon nanocomposite is presented via a ‘one-pot’ soft-template method. The ordered mesoporous structure, partial reduction of the metal oxide, and the nanosized mixing of the metal oxide/carbon result in both high power and energy density.

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