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Edited By: Reverend Dr Jooseop Keum

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Associated Title(s): The Ecumenical Review

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World Council of Churches (WCC)


The World Council of Churches

The WCC is a worldwide fellowship of churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service.

The WCC is the broadest and most inclusive among the many organized expressions of the modern ecumenical movement, a movement whose goal is Christian unity. The WCC brings together 349 churches, denominations and church fellowships in more than 110 countries and territories throughout the world, representing over 560 million Christians and including most of the world's Orthodox churches, scores of Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed churches, as well as many United and Independent churches.

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The Ecumenical Review


The Ecumenical Review

For more than 60 years, readers of The Ecumenical Review have had access to a thought-provoking variety of reflections by Christian authors from every part of the globe. Founded at the same time as the World Council of Churches, this publication explores the potential and reality of Christian cooperation in faith and action.

Each issue of The Ecumenical Review focuses on a theme of current importance to the movement for Christian unity, and each volume includes academic as well as practical analysis of significant moments in the quest for closer church fellowship and inter-religious dialogue.

Celebrating 100 years of publication

The International Review of Mission news

In 2011, the International Review of Mission (IRM) celebrated its one hundredth year of uninterrupted publication.

Volume 100, Issue 2 is a special celebratory issue, looking back in the first part to its own contribution to the development of mission thinking and practice. Then, in a second set of pieces, it addresses some milestones for the journey into the immediate future.

This introductory editorial highlights the articles in a personal way so as to offer a first overview of the content.

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Virtual Issue

The Ecumenical Review virtual issue

The Ecumenical Movement in Africa

At the beginning of the modern ecumenical movement and in the years of formation of the WCC, Africa was considered a "mission field" with little ecclesial identity of its own. Africa came onto the "ecumenical map" in the early years of independence of its new nations and churches in the late 1950s and 1960s.

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