Research Synthesis Methods

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Research Synthesis Methods Papers with Supplementary Data

Papers from Research Synthesis Methods with Supplementary Data

Finding your way out of the forest without a trail of bread crumbs: development and evaluation of two novel displays of forest plots

A scoping review of scoping reviews: advancing the approach and enhancing the consistency

Practicalities of using a modified version of the Cochrane Collaboration risk of bias tool for randomised and non-randomised study designs applied in a health technology assessment setting

Methodological approaches in conducting overviews: current state in HTA agencies

Learning by doing—teaching systematic review methods in 8 weeks

A multivariate model for the meta-analysis of study level survival data at multiple times

Clinical trial registries are of minimal use for identifying selective outcome and analysis reporting

Methods for the joint meta-analysis of multiple tests

Reporting quality of search methods in systematic reviews of HIV behavioral interventions (2000–2010): are the searches clearly explained, systematic and reproducible?
Volume 5, Issue 2

Non-randomized studies as a source of complementary, sequential or replacement evidence for randomized controlled trials in systematic reviews on the effects of interventions
Volume 4, Issue 1

The effect direction plot: visual display of non-standardised effects across multiple outcome domains
Volume 4, Issue 1

Unsolved issues of mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis: network size and inconsistency
Volume 3, Issue 4

Article Alerts: Items from 2011, Part I
Volume 3, Issue 4

Use of indirect comparison methods in systematic reviews: a survey of Cochrane review authors
Volume 3, Issue 2

Generalization of trim and fill for application in meta-regression
Volume 3, Issue 1

Comparison of statistical inferences from the DerSimonian–Laird and alternative random-effects model meta-analyses – an empirical assessment of 920 Cochrane primary outcome meta-analyses
Volume 2, Issue 4

On the moments of Cochran's Q statistic under the null hypothesis, with application to the meta-analysis of risk difference
Volume 2, Issue 4

Article Alerts: items from 2010, Part II
Volume 2, Issue 4

Article alerts: items from 2010, part I
Volume 2, Issue 2

Use of quality control charts for detection of outliers and temporal trends in cumulative meta-analysis
Volume 1, Issue 3-4

Article alerts: Items from 2009, Part II
Volume 1, Issue 3-4

Article alerts: Introduction and items from 2009, part I
Volume 1, Issue 1