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April 23, 2010

Arun K. Ghosh Awarded the 2010 IUPAC-Richter Prize

Arun K. Ghosh Awarded the 2010 IUPAC-Richter PrizeThe 2010 IUPAC-Richter Prize in Medicinal Chemistry has been awarded to Dr. Arun K. Ghosh, Ian P. Rothwell Distinguished Professor at Purdue University. Professor Ghosh is being recognized for his novel concept of "backbone binding" in the structure-based design of HIV-1 protease inhibitors that are better able to withstand viral drug resistance. These research efforts led to the drug darunavir (TMC-114), which was approved in 2006 by the USFDA as the first treatment for multidrug-resistant HIV. Professor Ghosh has also pioneered the structure-based design of β-secretase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, and one of these compounds recently entered into advanced clinical trials.

The IUPAC-Richter Prize comes with an endowment of USD 10,000 and will be awarded to Professor Ghosh on September 7, 2010 at the XXIst European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC 2010) in Brussels, Belgium, where he will give a presentation of his work.

For more information about Ghosh's work with HIV protease inhibitors, read his Minireview that appeared in the first volume of ChemMedChem: "Bis-Tetrahydrofuran: a Privileged Ligand for Darunavir and a New Generation of HIV Protease Inhibitors That Combat Drug Resistance" (Vol. 1, pp. 939–950).

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