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Associated Title(s): Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Chemistry - A European Journal, Chemistry – An Asian Journal, ChemBioChem, Medicinal Research Reviews, Molecular Informatics

March 02, 2012

ChemistryOpen: First Issue!

ChemistryOpen: First Issue!The inaugural issue of our new sister journal, ChemistryOpen has just been published! The issue contains contributions from a wide variety of chemistry disciplines. From novel materials, such as the self-ordered nanoporous oxide layers of Ti, Nb, and Ti–Nb alloys described by Schmuki et al., and the nanometric silica mesoporous supports for the enzyme-triggered controlled release of bioactive agents reported by Martínez-Máñez and co-workers, to contributions with a more medicinal or biological chemistry focus, such as the Full Papers from the groups of Balczewski, Gavin and Diederichsen. Balczewski et al. describe cytotoxic phosphonium salts that display complimentary selectivity toward cancer cells, and Gavin et al outline the effect of N-benzyl derivatization of conduramine on the interaction with α-glucosidase, while Diederichsen et al. present the semi-synthesis of zinc-finger domains with chemical modifications. Of course, it wouldn't be a general chemistry journal without a classical synthesis paper, and the Full Paper describing a stereocontrolled PdII-catalyzed Heck/Suzuki β,α-diarylation reaction by Larhed et al. ensures pure organic chemistry has not been forgotten. Finally, Kappe et al. describe their observations on microwave-induced electric discharges in metal–solvent mixtures, which might affect various microwave-assisted chemical reactions.

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