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November 29, 2016
VIP: From Type I to Type II: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Potent Pyrazin-2-ones as DFG-Out Inhibitors of PDGFRβ

November 23, 2016
13th WCMBC in Steamboat Springs: January 2017

November 08, 2016
Accepted Article Online Publication!

October 19, 2016
ACT-451840: An Antimalarial Drug with a Novel Mechanism of Action

October 05, 2016
David A. Winkler will receive the 2017 ACS Skolnik Award

August 25, 2016
VIP: Identification and Optimization of the First Highly Selective GLUT1 Inhibitor BAY-876

July 29, 2016
EFMC Awards: F. Diederich, P. J. Hergenrother, J. Steyaert

July 29, 2016
VIP: Discovery and Characterization of ACT-451840: An Antimalarial Drug with a Novel Mechanism of Action

July 24, 2016
Drugs to Fight Bugs

July 06, 2016
Cohen Receives ACS Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award

February 16, 2016
SCI Announces Prize Applications for NMMC 2016

February 11, 2016
Special Issue on Protein–Protein Interactions

January 19, 2016
2016 Wolf Prize Goes to Nicolaou and Schreiber

January 08, 2016
Anticancer Transition Metal Complexes

December 07, 2015
VIP: Pyrimidine Triazole Thioether Derivatives as Toll-Like Receptor 5 (TLR5)/Flagellin Complex Inhibitors

December 02, 2015
A new drug arsenal against MRSA

November 24, 2015
Issue 12/2015 Editor's Picks: Lipid Metabolism

November 10, 2015
The 2016 IUPAC–Richter Prize in Medicinal Chemistry

October 24, 2015
VIP: Optimization of Inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Pantothenate Synthetase Based on Group Efficiency Analysis

October 03, 2015
VIP: Development of Small-Molecule Trypanosoma brucei N-Myristoyltransferase Inhibitors: Discovery and Optimisation of a Novel Binding Mode

September 26, 2015
Issue 10/2015 Editor's Picks: PET Imaging

September 22, 2015
VIP: Discovery of Novel Allosteric, Non-Bisphosphonate Inhibitors of Farnesyl Pyrophosphate Synthase by Integrated Lead Finding

September 15, 2015
2015 Barry Cohen Award Goes to Paul Wender

August 28, 2015
VIP: Discovery, Synthesis, and Optimization of Diarylisoxazole-3-carboxamides as Potent Inhibitors of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore

August 28, 2015
VIP: Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Acyclic Nucleoside Phosphonates as Inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum and Human 6-Oxopurine Phosphoribosyltransferases

August 26, 2015
Issue 09/2015 Editor's Picks: Screening

July 30, 2015
Kazunori Kataoka Receives Gutenberg Research Award

July 28, 2015
Metalloprotein Inhibitors: Drugs, Drug Candidates, and New Targets at the Interface of Medicinal and Inorganic Chemistry

July 25, 2015
Issue 08/2015 Editor's Picks: Prodrugs

July 20, 2015
Collaboration across the Mediterranean

July 16, 2015
Development of Small-Molecule Cryptochrome Stabilizer Derivatives as Modulators of the Circadian Clock

July 04, 2015
VIP: Bisamidate Prodrugs of 2-Substituted 9-[2-(Phosphonomethoxy)ethyl]adenine (PMEA, adefovir) as Selective Inhibitors of Adenylate Cyclase Toxin from Bordetella pertussis

June 26, 2015
Issue 07/2015 Editor's Picks: Computational Chemistry

June 19, 2015
VIP: Freezing the Bioactive Conformation to Boost Potency: The Identification of BAY 85-8501, a Selective and Potent Inhibitor of Human Neutrophil Elastase for Pulmonary Diseases

June 05, 2015
EFMC Prizes

May 27, 2015
Issue 06/2015 Editor's Picks: Bioinorganic Chemistry

April 29, 2015
Issue 05/2015 Editor's Picks: Conjugates

April 28, 2015
Toll-Like Receptor 7 Inactive Ligands Enhanced Cytokine Induction by Conjugation to Weak Antigens

March 28, 2015
Issue 04/2015 Editor's Picks: Cancer Drug Resistance

March 26, 2015
Brain Tumor Cells Destroyed by Mitochondrial “Smart Bomb”

March 24, 2015
Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2015

February 24, 2015
Issue 03/2015 Editor's Picks: Natural Products

January 22, 2015
Issue 02/2015 Editor's Picks: Drugs to Treat Leishmaniasis

January 20, 2015
Ernest Giralt Awarded Max Bergmann Medal

January 14, 2015
Call for Papers: Special Issue on Medicinal Chemistry in Inflammation and Immunity

December 22, 2014
Issue 01/2015 Editor's Picks: Medicinal Chemistry in the Fight against Malaria

December 18, 2014
The Year in (Mini)Review!

December 07, 2014
Research that Never Sleeps

November 22, 2014
The Most Accessed Are More Accessible

November 04, 2014
VIP: Design of gem-Difluoro-bis-Tetrahydrofuran as P2 Ligand for HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors to Improve Brain Penetration: Synthesis, X-ray Studies, and Biological Evaluation

October 29, 2014
Free to Read!

October 20, 2014
Open Access Week

September 23, 2014
Diederich to Give Bohlmann Lecture

August 28, 2014
C. A. Olsen interview at ChemistryViews

July 18, 2014
VIP: Importance of the 6'-Hydroxy Group and Its Configuration for Apramycin Activity

July 05, 2014
Six Outstanding Posters!

June 17, 2014
VIP: Designing Small Molecule Therapeutics for Muscular Dystrophy

June 12, 2014
First QHLs from European Lead Factory

May 27, 2014
ChemMedChem Special Issue: Metals in Medicine

May 23, 2014
Science in Cyprus!

May 14, 2014
ChemMedChem iPhone app!

May 05, 2014
ChemMedChem Special Issue: AIMECS 2013

April 15, 2014
VIP: High-Throughput Screening of Metal–N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes against Biofilm Formation by Pathogenic Bacteria

April 08, 2014
VIP: Cytotoxic Gold(I) N-heterocyclic Carbene Complexes with Phosphane Ligands as Potent Enzyme Inhibitors

April 08, 2014
VIP: The Integrin Ligand c(RGDf(NMe)Nal) Reduces Neointimal Hyperplasia in a Polymer-Free Drug Eluting Stent System

March 30, 2014
VIP: Simplified Silvestrol Analogues with Potent Cytotoxic Activity

March 30, 2014
VIP: Design, Synthesis and Bioevaluation of an EphA2-Based Targeted Delivery System

March 30, 2014
VIP: 1-(1H-Indol-3-yl)ethanamine Derivatives as Potent Staphylococcus aureus NorA Efflux Pump Inhibitors

March 14, 2014
VIP: Time-Dependent Diaryl Ether Inhibitors of InhA: SAR Studies of Enzyme Inhibition, Antibacterial Activity, and in vivo Efficacy

March 14, 2014
VIP: The DiPPro Approach: Synthesis, Hydrolysis, and Antiviral Activity of Lipophilic d4T Diphosphate Prodrugs

March 06, 2014
VIP: Synthesis, Anti-tubulin and Antiproliferative SAR of Steroidomimetic Dihydroisoquinolinones

February 28, 2014
VIP: Developing an Irreversible Inhibitor of Human DDAH-1, an Enzyme Upregulated in Melanoma

February 26, 2014
Epigenetics Special Issue Now Online

January 22, 2014
VIP: Structural Basis of Inhibition of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester toward AKR1B10

January 20, 2014
Updated Requirements for Compound Characterization and Purity

December 30, 2013
VIP: Discovery of 5''-Chloro-N-[(5,6-dimethoxypyridin-2-yl)methyl]-2,2':5',3''-terpyridine-3'-carboxamide (MK-1064): A Selective Orexin 2 Receptor Antagonist (2-SORA) for the Treatment of Insomnia

December 05, 2013
Going Mobile: ChemMedChem iPad App Now Available!

November 21, 2013
Frederick Sanger (1918–2013)

October 31, 2013
VIP: Fluorophore-Labeled Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors for the Imaging of Cyclooxygenase-2 Overexpression in Cancer: Synthesis and Biological Studies

October 30, 2013
VIP: Chromophore-Linked Substrate (CLS405): Probing Metallo-β-Lactamase Activity and Inhibition

October 22, 2013
Scientific Excellence on the Island of Formosa

October 10, 2013
Karplus, Levitt, Warshel Win 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

October 10, 2013
VIP: Tetrahydroisoquinoline-Based Steroidomimetic and Chimeric Microtubule Disruptors

October 01, 2013
Stahl Receives ACS Award

September 03, 2013
AIMECS13 Next Month!

July 19, 2013
VIP: Probing the S1' Site for the Identification of Non-Zinc-Binding MMP-2 Inhibitors

July 16, 2013
When in Rome: NMMC 2013

July 10, 2013
Longstaff Prize Goes to Steven Ley

July 03, 2013
VIP: Discovery of NVP-LEQ506, a Second-Generation Inhibitor of Smoothened

June 13, 2013
The World's Most Influential Chemists

May 28, 2013
Development of new Antibiotics by GSK Gets $200 Million Boost from US Government

May 21, 2013
VIP: The Lab Oddity Prevails: Discovery of pan-CDK Inhibitor (R)-S-Cyclopropyl-S-(4-{[4-{[(1R,2R)-2-hydroxy-1-methylpropyl]oxy}-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidin-2-yl]amino}phenyl)sulfoximide (BAY 1000394) for the Treatment of Cancer

May 09, 2013
VIP: Optimization of Triazine Nitriles as Rhodesain Inhibitors: Structure–Activity Relationships, Bioisosteric Imidazopyridine Nitriles, and X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis with Human Cathepsin L

May 07, 2013
EFMC Prizes for Young Medicinal Chemists

May 01, 2013
ChemMedChem at AIMECS13

April 24, 2013
VIP: tert-Butyl Carbamate Containing Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Apoptosis Induction, Cytodifferentiation, and Antiproliferative Activities in Cancer Cells

April 15, 2013
Young Investigators in Medicinal Chemistry

April 09, 2013
Award Recipients at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, USA

April 08, 2013
Remedies of Old: What was in them, and were they effective?

April 01, 2013
KGF–SCS Industrial Investigator Awards go to K. Müller, W. Bonrath, and M. Rogers-Evans; Wolf Prize goes to R. S. Langer

March 07, 2013
Articles by the ChemMedChem Board

February 15, 2013
Open Innovation

February 14, 2013
VIP: Optimization of the Marine Triterpene Sipholenols as Inhibitors of Breast Cancer Migration and Invasion

February 13, 2013
11th Winter Conference on Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry, January 20–24, 2013, Steamboat Springs, Colorado (USA)

January 29, 2013
VIP: Efficient Stacking on Protein Amide Fragments

January 12, 2013
VIP: Development and Characterization of New Peptidomimetic Inhibitors of the West Nile Virus NS2B-NS3 Protease

January 12, 2013
VIP: Fueling Open-Source Drug Discovery: 177 Small-Molecule Leads against Tuberculosis

January 03, 2013
VIP: Butyltin(IV) Benzoates: Inhibition of Thioredoxin Reductase, Tumor Cell Growth Inhibition, and Interactions with Proteins

December 12, 2012
VIP: 2-Phenoxy-nicotinamides are Potent Agonists for the Bile Acid Receptor GPBAR1 (TGR5)

November 06, 2012
VIP: Synthesis and Evaluation of 3,4-Dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones as Sodium Iodide Symporter Inhibitors

October 09, 2012
2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to Gurdon and Yamanaka; in Chemistry, to Lefkowitz and Kobilka

August 30, 2012
ChemMedChem at ISMC 2012 (September 2–6, 2012, Berlin)

July 24, 2012
VIP: Ribonucleoside 3'-Phosphates as Pro-Moieties for an Orally Administered Drug

July 17, 2012
VIP: Discovery of BAY 94-8862: A Non-Steroidal Antagonist of the Mineralocorticoid Receptor for the Treatment of Cardiorenal Diseases

July 11, 2012
Ivano Bertini (1940–2012)

June 29, 2012
VIP: Water Makes the Difference: Rearrangement of Water Solvation Layer Triggers Non-additivity of Functional Group Contributions in Protein–Ligand Binding

June 20, 2012
2012 Prince of Asturias Award Goes to Lerner and Winter

May 30, 2012
VIP: FimH Antagonists: Structure–Activity and Structure–Property Relationships for Biphenyl α-D-Mannopyranosides

April 24, 2012
A New Lease on Life

April 12, 2012
VIP: Bicyclic Peptides with Optimized Ring Size Inhibit Human Plasma Kallikrein and its Orthologs While Sparing Paralogous Proteases

March 27, 2012
Repurposing existing drugs: new hope against TB

March 27, 2012
Focusing on Neglected Diseases

March 22, 2012
VIP: Characterization of Plasmodium Liver Stage Inhibition by Halofuginone

March 12, 2012
VIP: Effects of Cyclic Lipodepsipeptide Structural Modulation on Stability, Antibacterial Activity, and Human Cell Toxicity

March 02, 2012
ChemistryOpen: First Issue!

February 10, 2012
VIP: Discovery of [(2R,5R)-5-{[(5-Fluoropyridin-2-yl)oxy]methyl}-2-methylpiperidin-1-yl][5-methyl-2-(pyrimidin-2-yl)phenyl]methanone (MK-6096): A Dual Orexin Receptor Antagonist with Potent Sleep-Promoting Properties

February 04, 2012
VIP: Fluorogenic Peptide-Based Substrates for Monitoring Thrombin Activity

January 24, 2012
VIP: Engineering and Functionalization of the Disulfide-Constrained Miniprotein Min-23 as a Scaffold for Diagnostic Applications

December 23, 2011
VIP: Discovery of Novel Stem Cell Mobilizers That Target the CXCR4 Receptor

December 08, 2011
Roth Describes Changing Pharma Landscape as Patent Cliff Looms

November 21, 2011
VIP: Aspirin Analogues as Dual Cyclooxygenase-2/5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitors: Synthesis, Nitric Oxide Release, Molecular Modeling, and Biological Evaluation as Anti-Inflammatory Agents

November 10, 2011
Philip S. Portoghese, Editor-in-Chief of J. Med. Chem., Steps Down at the End of 2011

November 04, 2011
VIP: Huprine Derivatives as Sub-Nanomolar Human Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors: From Rational Design to Validation by X-ray Crystallography

October 18, 2011
VIP: Development of Isoxazoline-Containing Peptidomimetics as Dual αvβ3 and α5β1 Integrin Ligands

October 13, 2011
VIP: Insights into Matriptase-2 Substrate Binding and Inhibition Mechanisms by Analyzing Active-Site-Mutated Variants

October 13, 2011
Rainer Metternich to Lead the Small Molecules Research Program at Roche

October 13, 2011
2011 CNRS Bronze Medal Awarded to Karine Alvarez

October 13, 2011
VIP: Structure-Based Discovery of Allosteric Modulators of Two Related Class B G-Protein-Coupled Receptors

October 13, 2011
VIP: Understanding of Molecular Substructures that Contribute to hERG K+ Channel Blockade: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of E-4031 Analogues

October 11, 2011
VIP: From a Library of MAG Antagonists to Nanomolar CD22 Ligands

October 11, 2011
VIP: Rofecoxib Analogues Possessing a Nitric Oxide Donor Sulfohydroxamic Acid (SO2NHOH) Cyclooxygenase-2 Pharmacophore: Synthesis, Molecular Modeling, and Biological Evaluation as Anti-inflammatory Agents

October 11, 2011
VIP: Urolithin as a Converging Scaffold Linking Ellagic Acid and Coumarin Analogues: Design of Novel Potent Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibitors

October 11, 2011
VIP: From Catalysts to Bioactive Organometallics: Do Grubbs Catalysts Trigger Biological Effects?

October 08, 2011
VIP: Exhaustive Fluorine Scanning toward Potent p53–Mdm2 Antagonists

October 08, 2011
VIP: A Comparison of Linear and Cyclic Peptoid Oligomers as Potent Antimicrobial Agents

October 08, 2011
VIP: Identification and Characterization of Inhibitors of the Aminoglycoside Resistance Acetyltransferase Eis from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

October 05, 2011
2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to Beutler, Hoffmann, Steinman

September 14, 2011
VIP: Discovery of a Pharmacologically Active Antagonist of the Two-Pore-Domain Potassium Channel K2P9.1 (TASK-3)

August 29, 2011
VIP: Structure–Activity Relationship for the First-in-Class Clinical Steroid Sulfatase Inhibitor Irosustat (STX64, BN83495)

July 28, 2011
VIP: (S)- and (R)-Fluoxetine as Native Markers in MS Binding Assays Addressing the Serotonin Transporter

July 14, 2011
VIP: Synthesis and Structure–Activity Relationships of a Class of Sodium Iodide Symporter Function Inhibitors

July 05, 2011
VIP: Cell-Free HIV-1 Virucidal Action by Modified Peptide Triazole Inhibitors of Env gp120

June 16, 2011
VIP: Polyphosphates and Pyrophosphates of Pentopyranoses and Pentofuranoses as Allosteric Effectors of Human Hemoglobin: Synthesis, Molecular Recognition, and Oxygen Release

May 13, 2011
VIP: Identification of Benzopyran-4-one Derivatives (Isoflavones) as Positive Modulators of GABAA Receptors

April 19, 2011
VIP: Inhibition of Histone Demethylases by 4-Carboxy-2,2'-Bipyridyl Compounds

April 19, 2011
VIP: Evidence for the Existence of a Specific G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Activated by Guanosine

April 07, 2011
VIP: Mechanism of Cytotoxicity and Cellular Uptake of Lipophilic Inert Dinuclear Polypyridylruthenium(II) Complexes

March 29, 2011
ChemMedChem 04/2011: Women in Chemistry (IYC 2011)

March 23, 2011
World TB Day 2011: March 24

March 17, 2011
VIP: Hybrid Lipoic Acid Derivatives to Attack Prion Disease on Multiple Fronts

March 16, 2011
VIP: Biphenyl Sulfonylamino Methyl Bisphosphonic Acids as Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinases and Bone Resorption

March 11, 2011
VIP: Sulfonylthiadiazoles with an Unusual Binding Mode as Partial Dual Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR) γ/δ Agonists with High Potency and in vivo Efficacy

March 10, 2011
VIP: Discovery and Biological Activity of 6BrCaQ as an Inhibitor of the Hsp90 Protein Folding Machinery

February 08, 2011
ChemMedChem at the 10th Winter Conference on Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry, January 23–27, 2011, Steamboat Springs, Colorado (USA)

February 02, 2011
VIP: BZM055, an Iodinated Radiotracer Candidate for PET and SPECT Imaging of Myelin and FTY720 Brain Distribution

February 02, 2011
ChemMedChem 02/2011: Rare and Neglected Diseases

January 25, 2011
VIP: Pyrido[1,2-a]benzimidazole-Based Agents Active Against TB, MDR-TB, and XDR-TB

January 19, 2011
VIP: A Versatile and Practical Synthesis toward the Development of Novel HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors

January 16, 2011
VIP: Revealing Atropisomer Axial Chirality in Drug Discovery

January 04, 2011
ChemMedChem Gets a New Editor

November 11, 2010
VIP: 1-Cyclohexyl-4-(4-arylcyclohexyl)piperazines: Mixed σ and Δ8–Δ7 Sterol Isomerase Ligands with Antiproliferative and P-Glycoprotein Inhibitory Activity

November 08, 2010
VIP: Characterization of C-Alkyl Amidines as Bioavailable Covalent Reversible Inhibitors of Human DDAH-1

October 28, 2010
ChemMedChem 11/2010: 25 Years of Anti-HIV Research

October 26, 2010
VIP: Chemotherapeutic Evaluation of a Synthetic Tubulysin Analogue–Dendrimer Conjugate in C26 Tumor Bearing Mice

October 26, 2010
VIP: Asborin Inhibits Aldo/Keto Reductase 1A1

October 26, 2010
VIP: Synthesis, Cytotoxicity, and COMPARE Analysis of Ferrocene and [3]Ferrocenophane Tetrasubstituted Olefin Derivatives against Human Cancer Cells

October 06, 2010
VIP: Molecular Assembly of Multifunctional 99mTc Radiopharmaceuticals Using "Clickable" Amino Acid Derivatives

September 29, 2010
VIP: Target Profiling of a Small Library of Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) Inhibitors using Chemical Proteomics

September 22, 2010
Wiley and ChemMedChem at the International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry 2010 in Brussels

September 17, 2010
VIP: Probing Multidrug-Resistance and Protein–Ligand Interactions with Oxatricyclic Designed Ligands in HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors

September 02, 2010
VIP: Synthesis and Evaluation of Bombesin Analogues Conjugated to Two Different Triazolyl-Derived Chelators for 99mTc Labeling

August 30, 2010
ChemMedChem 09/2010: Fighting Cancer

August 19, 2010
VIP: The Active Core in a Triazole Peptide Dual-Site Antagonist of HIV-1 gp120

August 09, 2010
ChemMedChem Author Guidelines Updated!

August 03, 2010
VIP: High-Resolution Crystal Structure of a Lasso Peptide

August 03, 2010
VIP: Novel 3-Carboxy- and 3-Phosphonopyrazoline Amino Acids as Potent and Selective NMDA Receptor Antagonists: Design, Synthesis, and Pharmacological Characterization

August 03, 2010
ChemMedChem's Success Recognized by Thompson Reuters: Editorial Team Interview Appears in ScienceWatch

June 27, 2010
VIP: Synthesis and Biological Characterization of Amidopropenyl Hydroxamates as HDAC Inhibitors

June 17, 2010
New 2009 Impact Factor: 3.232

June 17, 2010
VIP: Proteins as Possible Targets for Cytotoxic trans-Platinum(II) Complexes with Aliphatic Amine Ligands: Further Exceptions to the DNA Paradigm

June 15, 2010
VIP: HTS and Rational Drug Design to Generate a Class of 5-HT2C-Selective Ligands for Possible Use in Schizophrenia

June 15, 2010
VIP: Jostling for Position: Optimizing Linker Location in the Design of Estrogen Receptor-Targeting PROTACs

June 15, 2010
VIP: Inhibition Studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Salicylate Synthase (MbtI)

June 15, 2010
VIP: Discovery of a Class of Diketopiperazines as Antiprion Compounds

June 15, 2010
VIP: Homology Modelling of the GABA Transporter and Analysis of Tiagabine Binding

May 22, 2010
VIP: The Role of Fluorine Atoms in a Fluorinated Prostaglandin Agonist

May 22, 2010
VIP: Thiazolopyrimidine Inhibitors of 2-Methylerythritol 2,4-Cyclodiphosphate Synthase (IspF) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Plasmodium falciparum

April 23, 2010
Arun K. Ghosh Awarded the 2010 IUPAC-Richter Prize

April 12, 2010
VIP: Design, Synthesis, and Preliminary Biological Evaluation of Pyrrolo[3,4-c]quinoline-1-one and Oxoisoindoline Derivatives as Aggrecanase Inhibitors

March 22, 2010
VIP: Azides Derived from Colchicine and Their Use in Library Synthesis: a Practical Entry to New Bioactive Derivatives of an Old Natural Drug

March 18, 2010
VIP: Highly Potent Modulation of GABAA Receptors by Valerenic Acid Derivatives

March 18, 2010
VIP: A Highly Potent and Selective Caspase 1 Inhibitor that Utilizes a Key 3-Cyanopropanoic Acid Moiety

March 18, 2010
VIP: Molecular Editing of Kinase-Targeting Resorcylic Acid Lactones (RAL): Fluoroenone RAL

March 09, 2010
VIP: Anticancer Activity of Vitamin E-Derived Compounds in Murine C6 Glioma Cells

January 23, 2010
VIP: Lectin-Based Drug Design: Combined Strategy to Identify Lead Compounds using STD NMR Spectroscopy, Solid-Phase Assays, and Cell Binding for a Plant Toxin Model

January 15, 2010
VIP: Upgrading a Natural Product: Inhibition of Human β-Tryptase by Cyclotheonamide Analogues

January 15, 2010
VIP: Pro-oxidant Properties of AZT and other Thymidine Analogues in Macrophages: Implication of the Azido Moiety in Oxidative Stress

January 15, 2010
VIP: Selective Pharmacophore Models of Dopamine D1 and D2 Full Agonists Based on Extended Pharmacophore Features

January 12, 2010
New Editorial Board and International Advisory Board Members

January 12, 2010
VIP: Chelator Fragment Libraries for Targeting Metalloproteinases

November 19, 2009
Thalidomide: a Revival

November 13, 2009
VIP: Comparison of Structure- and Ligand-Based Virtual Screening Protocols Considering Hit List Complementarity and Enrichment Factors

November 13, 2009
VIP: Evaluation of Novel Epothilone Analogues by means of a Common Pharmacophore and a QSAR Pseudoreceptor Model for Taxanes and Epothilones

November 13, 2009
VIP: How to Replace the Residual Solvation Shell of Polar Active Site Residues to Achieve Nanomolar Inhibition of tRNA-Guanine Transglycosylase

November 05, 2009
VIP: Thermodynamic Optimisation in Drug Discovery: A Case Study using Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors

November 04, 2009
Steven Ley Awarded the 2009 Heinrich Wieland Prize

October 27, 2009
ChemMedChem 11/2009: Computer Power!

October 22, 2009
VIP: Interaction of Artemisinins with Oxyhemoglobin Hb–FeII, Hb–FeII, CarboxyHb–FeII, Heme–FeII, and Carboxyheme FeII: Significance for Mode of Action and Implications for Therapy of Cerebral Malaria

September 29, 2009
ChemMedChem 10/2009: Tackling Tumors!

August 31, 2009
ChemMedChem 09/2009: Shockingly Hot!

June 25, 2009
Going for Impact!

October 23, 2008
Giordano Giacomello Medal to G. Tarzia

August 28, 2008
Ley, Seeberger, and Kubinyi Awarded

October 08, 2007
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2007 to Capecchi, Evans, and Smithies

June 15, 2007
ChemMedChem in Web of Science

December 01, 2006
First Volume of ChemMedChem Completed

October 02, 2006
RNA Interference Earns Fire, Mello Nobel Prize

July 11, 2006
ChemMedChem now accepted in MEDLINE

October 04, 2005
Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology to Marshall/Warren