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Associated Title(s): Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, Chemistry - A European Journal, ChemNanoMat, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, The Chemical Record

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February 09, 2018

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density functional calculations · electrochemistry · fluorescence · gold · graphene · heterocycles · homogeneous catalysis · magnetic properties · mesoporous materials · nanoparticles · nanostructures · natural products · organocatalysis · oxidation · self-assembly · sensors · synthetic methods

Recently Published Articles

  1. Motion-Induced Changes in Emission as an Effective Strategy for the Ratiometric Probing of Human Serum Albumin and Trypsin in Biological Fluids

    Nilanjan Dey, Basudeb Maji and Prof. Santanu Bhattacharya

    Version of Record online: 21 FEB 2018 | DOI: 10.1002/asia.201701795

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    Of MICE and men: A highly luminescent, pH-sensitive, thermoreversible nanoaggregate was synthesized in aqueous medium through the self-agglomeration of carbazole-based amphiphiles. In the presence of human serum albumin (HSA), the molecular motion of the fluorescent probe was restricted by its microenvironment. This probe showed quite high selectivity for HSA and it was also used for the detection of trypsin at subnanomolar concentrations.

  2. Carbon Dots: Bottom-Up Syntheses, Properties, and Light-Harvesting Applications

    Dr. Yuri Choi, Yeongkyu Choi, Prof. Dr. Oh-Hoon Kwon and Prof. Dr. Byeong-Su Kim

    Version of Record online: 21 FEB 2018 | DOI: 10.1002/asia.201701736

    Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

    On the dot: In this review, we summarize the recent progress in carbon dots synthesized from bottom-up approaches. The dots possess high absorption and charge-transfer abilities for light-harvesting applications (see figure).

  3. Highly Sensitive Bioluminescent Probe for Thiol Detection in Living Cells

    Mayu Hemmi, Yuma Ikeda, Dr. Yutaka Shindo, Dr. Takahiro Nakajima, Prof. Shigeru Nishiyama, Prof. Kotaro Oka, Prof. Moritoshi Sato, Dr. Yuki Hiruta, Prof. Daniel Citterio and Prof. Koji Suzuki

    Version of Record online: 21 FEB 2018 | DOI: 10.1002/asia.201701774

    Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

    Firefly thiol probe: A chemoselective probe exhibiting a ratiometric and turn-on response towards thiols selectively in fluorescence and bioluminescence, respectively, was designed and synthesized. The probe, which was designed based on the “caged” luciferin strategy, displays excellent selectivity, high signal/noise ratio, and a biologically relevant limit of detection.

  4. Designed precursor for the controlled synthesis of highly active atomic and sub-nanometric platinum catalysts on mesoporous silica

    Sudipta De, Maria Babak, Max Hülsey, Wee Han Ang and Ning Yan

    Accepted manuscript online: 21 FEB 2018 04:23AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/asia.201800125