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2_05/2007Cover Picture: Carbonyldinitrosyltris(fluorosulfato)tungstate(II) and -Molybdate(II) Anions: Synthesis, Spectroscopy, and Density Functional Theory Calculations (Chem. Asian J. 5/2007)

Tungsten and molybdenum form the carbonyl/nitrosyl complexes [fac-M(CO)(NO)2(SO3F)3] (M=W, Mo) in fluorosulfonic acid, which is an example of the strong acids and superacids widely employed as reaction media for the generation, stabilization, and synthetic application of highly electrophilic and often very reactive organic, inorganic, and selected metal–organic cations. These anionic W and Mo complexes are weakly nucleophilic and poorly coordinating. For more information, see the Full Paper by Q. Xu et al. on page 599 ff.

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