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2_07/2007Cover Picture: Regioselective Borylation of Porphyrins by C-H Bond Activation under Iridium Catalysis to Afford Useful Building Blocks for Porphyrin Assemblies (Chem. Asian J. 7/2007)

Multiporphyrin arrays have attracted much attention because of their potential in a wide range of applications. However, current methods of porphyrin synthesis involve acidic and oxidative conditions that restrict the functional groups that can be introduced. On the other hand, porphyrins can be selectively borylated through C-H activation under Ir catalysis. The chemo- and regioselective borylation can even be applied to monomeric and oligomeric porphyrins, thus offering a route to elaborate porphyrin architectures. H. Shinokubo, A. Osuka, and co-workers explain how it is done in their Full Paper on page 849 ff.

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