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7_09/2012Cover Picture: Oligo(p-phenylene-ethynylene)-Derived Super-π-Gelators with Tunable Emission and Self-Assembled Polymorphic Structures (Chem. Asian J. 9/2012)

While Self-Assembly and Gelation of a variety of linear π-systems are known, the effect of π-conjugated repeat units on morphological features are not well understood. In their Full Paper on page 2061 ff., Ayyappanpillai Ajayaghosh and co-workers report the role of conjugation length on the self-assembly, gelation, and morphological properties of oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene)s having three, five, and seven repeat units. The supergelator with seven repeat units formed different polymorphic supramolecular structures such as spirals, flowers, wrinkled 2D sheets, fused spheres, multilayered sheets, and entangled fiber bundles on different substrates under different ambient conditions. For every polymorphic structure obtained, images of nearly identical natural objects are shown.

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