physica status solidi (a)

Cover image for Vol. 213 Issue 10

Editor: Stefan Hildebrandt (Editor-in-Chief), Sabine Bahrs (Deputy Editor)

Online ISSN: 1862-6319

Associated Title(s): physica status solidi (b), physica status solidi (c), physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters

Special issue: Physics of Organic Semiconductors

201_06/2004This special issue of physica status solidi (a) gives an overview of our present-day knowledge of the physics behind organic semiconductor devices, ranging from the growth of organic layers and crystals, their electronic properties at interfaces, their photophysics and electrical transport properties to the application in organic field-effect transistors, photovoltaic cells and organic light-emit-ting diodes.

Guest Editor of the present issue is Wolfgang Brütting, professor at the University of Augsburg, where he leads a research group working on organic semiconductors, their physical and materials properties, and the understanding of the basic processes in these materials and devices.

The cover picture is an angular plot of the anisotropy of the charge carrier mobility μ in the ab plane of a rubrene single crystal, probed on an elastomeric rubber stamp field-effect transistor device. The black and red squares correspond to the values of μ extracted from the linear and saturation regimes of the transistor operation, respectively. More information can be found in the Review Article by R. W. I. de Boer et al. [1].

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