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Editor: Stefan Hildebrandt (Editor-in-Chief), Sabine Bahrs (Deputy Editor)

Online ISSN: 1862-6319

Associated Title(s): physica status solidi (b), physica status solidi (c), physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters

204_04/2007A thin-film field-emission cathode with Pt or Au interlayer between insulator and Zn0.75Mg0.25O

The cover picture illustrates a modified design for field emission cathodes proposed by Zengmei Wang and Dejie Li in their Original Paper [1] in the current issue. By introducing an additional interlayer, they were able to significantly improve the symmetry of the cathode's transmission current waveform while maintaining a stable and uniform electron emission.

The sketch in the lower part depicts the layer sequence Al/Ta2O5/(Pt or Au)/Zn0.75Mg0.25O/Pt–Au–Ag, where a Pt or Au interlayer is introduced between the insulator (Ta2O5) and semiconductor (Zn0.75Mg0.25O) layers, in order to effectively control the interfacial electron energy state distribution. The resulting transmission current waveforms become completely symmetric (left curves in upper part) in comparison to those of the cathode without metal interlayer (right curves).

The first author of the article currently is a Ph.D. candidate at the Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University (Beijing, P.R. China) who is working on electron emission cathodes made of thin films, including discontinuous films.

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