Lipid Technology

Cover image for Vol. 29 Issue 3-4

Edited By: Peter Clough, Gerrit van Duijn, Michael Eskin, Gary List, Mikhail Rabinovich

Online ISSN: 1863-5377

Product Information

Lipid Technology provides customers with a monthly source of concise information on the critical developments and trends in the oilseeds, fats and oils industries; fats and oils markets; as well as lipids in science, technology, biotechnology, food, agriculture, nutrition and pharmaceuticals. Lipid Technology has earned an excellent reputation among major companies and other organizations worldwide, because it is objective, accurate, independent, international, written in an easy-to-read style.

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oilseeds industry, fats industry, oils industries, fats and oils markets; lipids, technology, biotechnology, food, agriculture, nutrition, pharmaceuticals