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Editor: Katja Paff

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Associated Title(s): Advanced Optical Materials, Journal of Biophotonics

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Issue 4, 2014Advances in Subwavelength Photonics in China
Guest Editors: Sailing He and Bin-kun Zhou

Issue 5, 2013Biophotonics - Techniques and Applications
Guest Editor: Sune Svanberg

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Nano-opto-mechanical effects in plasmonic waveguides
A. S. Shalin, P. Ginzburg, P.A. Belov, Y.S. Kivshar, A. V. Zayats

Advanced optical trapping by complex beam shaping
M. Woerdemann, C. Alpmann, M. Esseling, C. Denz

Recent progress in tissue optical clearing
D. Zhu, K. V. Larin, Q. Luo, and V. V. Tuchin

Upconverting nanoparticles for pre-clinical diffuse optical imaging, microscopy and sensing: Current trends and future challenges
C. T. Xu , Q. Zhan , H. Liu, G. Somesfalean, J. Qian, S. He, and S. Andersson-Engels

Diode laser based light sources for biomedical applications
A. Müller, S. Marschall, O. B. Jensen, J. Fricke, H. Wenzel, B. Sumpf, and P. E. Andersen

Optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexed transmission using all-optical discrete Fourier transform
J.-K. K. Rhee, N. Cvijetic, N. Wada, and T. Wang

Gearing up for optical microrobotics: micromanipulation and actuation of synthetic microstructures by optical forces
D. Palima and J. Glückstad

Quasi phase matching in femtosecond pulse volume structured x-cut lithium niobate
J. Thomas, V. Hilbert, R. Geiss, T. Pertsch, A. Tünnermann, S. Nolte

Sub-wavelength interference pattern from volume plasmon polaritons in a hyperbolic medium
S. Ishii, A. V. Kildishev, E. Narimanov, V. M. Shalaev, V. P. Drachev

High-power HgGa2S4 optical parametric oscillator pumped at 1064 nm and operating at 100 Hz
A. Tyazhev, G. Marchev, V. Badikov, A. Esteban-Martin, D. Badikov, V. Panyutin, G. Shevyrdyaeva, S. Sheina, A. Fintisova, V. Petrov

Organic solid-state integrated amplifiers and lasers
C. Grivas, M. Pollnau

Electromagnetically induced transparency-based slow and stored light in warm atoms
I. Novikova, R.L. Walsworth, Y. Xiao

3D THz metamaterials from micro/nanomanufacturing
H.O. Moser, C. Rockstuhl

Moore's law in photonics
M. Smit, J. van der Tol, M. Hill