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4_1-2/2011Cover Picture: J. Biophotonics 1–2/2011

Development of the posterior lateral line in a zebrafish embryo. Upper row: embryo 30 hpf, showing the migrating primordium and a deposited proneuromast. Second row, left: higher magnification image of a primordium (right) and proneuromast (left), visualized with membrane-taggedeGFP. Second row, right: mature neuromast with ciliated hair cells (bright fluorescence) and the surrounding support cells. Third row: embryo 48 hpf, after migration of the primordium and deposition of the neuromasts. The upper and third rows were imaged with a low-magnification wide-field microscope, the other images with SPIM. (Picture: J. Swoger et al., pp. 122–134 in this issue)

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