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5_04/2012Cover Picture: Hydroxycinnamate Conjugates as Potential Monolignol Replacements: In vitro Lignification and Cell Wall Studies with Rosmarinic Acid (ChemSusChem 4/2012)

Easier biomass processing may be realized by inducing plants to produce easilycleavable ester linkages in the backbone of the lignin polymer, for example, by introducing hydroxycinnamate conjugates into the lignification monomer stream. This reduces the recalcitrance of the lignin polymer, allowing it to be readily depolymerized away from the polysaccharides by anticipated biomass processing; saccharification to simple sugars can therefore be achieved with lower energy inputs. The cover image features research by Tobimatsu et al. (Page 676) who report in vitro lignification using a prospective strategic lignin monomer replacement, rosmarinic acid. Rosmarinic acid is a dominant hydroxycinnamate found in many species of the Lamiaceae plant family, such as rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), and successfully integrates into the lignin producing a polymer that is readily cleaved under mild conditions, validating this concept. (Picture courtesy of Robin Davies, UW-Madison, Dept. Biochemistry.)

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