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5_04i/2012Inside Cover: Immobilised Lipase on Structured Supports Containing Covalently Attached Ionic Liquids for the Continuous Synthesis of Biodiesel in scCO2 (ChemSusChem 4/2012)

The inside cover picture shows a continuous reactor, containing immobilized lipase onto a polymeric matrix with covalently attached ionic liquid phase (SILLPs), to synthesize biodiesel in supercritical CO2 from vegetable oil and methanol. In their paper on page 790, Lozano and co-workers describe the preparation and extraordinary performance of different nanostructured supports applied to immobilize Candida antarctica lipase B (CALB). The suitability of these immobilized lipase derivatives to carry out the synthesis of biodiesel by methanolysis of triolein in supercritical CO2 was excellent, leading up to 95% biodiesel yields with high operational stability.

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