Geomechanics and Tunnelling

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Editor in chief: Dr.-Ing. Helmut Richter

Online ISSN: 1865-7389


Aims and Scope

The contributions published in Geomechanics and Tunnelling deal with tunnelling, rock engineering and applications of rock and soil mechanics as well as engineering geology in practice.
Each issue focuses on a current topic or specific project. Brief news, reports from construction sites and news on conferences round off the content.
An internationally renowned Editorial Board assures a highly interesting selection of topics and guarantees the high standard of the contributions.

Main topics:

  • NATM
  • TBM tunnelling
  • Traffic tunnels
  • Hydro power plants
  • Structural design of underground space
  • Numerical analyses
  • Support elements
  • Rock mass behaviour
  • Rock mass characterization
  • Rock foundations
  • Slope stabilization

Official journal for ÖGG members.

– Editor: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Geomechanik, Salzburg (ÖGG)
membership journal of ÖGG

ISSN: 1865-7362 (print). 1865-7389 (online).

Volume 9. 6 Issues in 2016.


Civil engineers, tunnelling engineers, engineering geologists, researchers and practitioners in underground constructions, rock mechanics, soil mechanics, engineering geology


general, Allgemeines, reconnaissance, Baugrunderkundung, economic and legal issues, Betriebswirtschaft/Recht, soil mechanics, Bodenmechanik, Slopes, Böschungen, drainage and sealings, Dränage/Abdichtung, railway tunnels, Eisenbahntunnel, rock mechanics, Felsmechanik, rock fall, Felssturzgeology, Geologie, geophysics, Geophysik, foundations, Gründungen, hydrology, Hydrologie, engineering geology, Ingenieurgeologie, Caverns, Kavernen, conventional tunneling, Konventioneller Vortrieb, mechanized tunneling, Maschineller Vortrieb, measuring technology, Messtechnik, natural hazards, Naturgefahren, innovative procedures/Test techniques, Neue Verfahren/Versuchstechnik, cut and cover method, Offene Bauweise, landslides, Rutschungen, special type of construction, Sonderbauweisen, Road tunnels, Straßentunnel, Support, Stützmittel, Subway construction, U-Bahnbau, Utility tunnels, Versorgungstunnel, Ground water management, Wasserhaltung, Hydro power plants, Wasserkraftanlagen, Structural analysis, Statik
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