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February 01, 2014

New Online Manuscript Submission System

We are pleased to announce that after over ten years, manuscriptXpress was replaced by a new Manuscript handling system, EditorialManager from ARIES, on February 1.

The links to the new journal sites are available at:

Articles that have been submitted to manuscriptXpress will be processed from there.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to receiving your next excellent manuscript.

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Recently Published Articles

  1. Hydrofluorination of Alkynes Catalysed by Gold Bifluorides

    Dr. Fady Nahra, Scott R. Patrick, Dr. Davide Bello, Dr. Marcel Brill, Alan Obled, Dr. David B. Cordes, Prof. Dr. Alexandra M. Z. Slawin, Prof. Dr. David O'Hagan and Prof. Dr. Steven P. Nolan

    Article first published online: 26 NOV 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201402891

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    Gold bifluorides: The syntheses of N-heterocyclic carbene gold bifluoride complexes are reported. These are shown to be efficient catalysts in the hydrofluorination of a wide range of symmetrical and unsymmetrical alkynes. The methodology is utilized further to access a fluorinated combretastatin analogue. R1=aryl, thioether, R2=H, Cl, aryl, alkyl, ketone, ester.

  2. Regioselective Direct Arylation of Fused 3-Nitropyridines and Other Nitro-Substituted Heteroarenes: The Multipurpose Nature of the Nitro Group as a Directing Group

    Dr. Viktor O. Iaroshenko, Ashot Gevorgyan, Satenik Mkrtchyan, Tatevik Grigoryan, Ester Movsisyan, Dr. Alexander Villinger and Prof. Dr. Peter Langer

    Article first published online: 26 NOV 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201402715

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    So nitro: We report Pd- and Ni-catalyzed, guided, and regioselective C[BOND]H arylations of a series of fused 3-nitropyridines. The method described here is a facile tool for the chemical functionalization of drug-like fused pyridines. The scope and limitations of the reaction, the chemical potential of the nitro group, and a putative reaction mechanism are discussed.

  3. Regioselective Hydroxylation in the Production of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D by Coprinopsis cinerea Peroxygenase

    Esteban D. Babot, José C. del Río, Dr. Lisbeth Kalum, Prof. Angel T. Martínez and Dr. Ana Gutiérrez

    Article first published online: 26 NOV 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201402795

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    Take your vitamins: 25-Hydroxyvitamin D can be obtained, with 100 % regioselectivity, in a one-step enzymatic approach by using recombinant Coprinopsis cinerea peroxygenase and H2O2 as the sole co-substrate.

  4. Enzymatic Synthesis of a Key Intermediate for Rosuvastatin by Nitrilase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Ethyl (R)-4-Cyano-3-hydroxybutyate at High Substrate Concentration

    Dr. Peiyuan Yao, Jianjiong Li, Jing Yuan, Chao Han, Xiangtao Liu, Prof. Jinhui Feng, Prof. Qiaqing Wu and Prof. Dunming Zhu

    Article first published online: 25 NOV 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201402877

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    Old enzyme, new tricks: An efficient hydrolysis of ethyl (R)-4-cyano-3-hydroxybutyate to ethyl (R)-3-hydroxyglutarate by a known nitrilase from Arabidopsis thaliana (AtNIT2) has been developed. High substrate concentration, high chemoselectivity, and high yield are obtained by using free and immobilized whole cells.

  5. Magnetically Recoverable Palladium(0) Nanocomposite Catalyst for Hydrogenation Reactions in Water

    Dr. Carl-Hugo Pélisson, Dr. Audrey Denicourt-Nowicki, Cristelle Meriadec, Dr. Jean-Marc Greneche and Prof. Alain Roucoux

    Article first published online: 25 NOV 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201402761

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    Active, selective, and reusable! A magnetically Pd0 nanocomposite was easily prepared and efficiently used in hydrogenation reactions of various substrates (nitro- and/or halogenoarenes) in neat water.