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August 10, 2016

ChemCatChem Board Members receive Catalysis Awards

Two ChemCatChem board members have received prestigious awards at the 16th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC) in Beijing, P.R. China. Dr. David Farrusseng, IRCE Lyon, CNRS, (France) has received the International Catalysis Award 2016. He presented a Plenary Lecture entitled "Catalysis Inside a Box" at the ICC.

Prof. Paolo Fornasiero, University of Trieste (Italy) has received the Heinz Heinemann Award 2016. He presented a Plenary Lecture entitled "Hybrid Nanocatalysts for Energy Related Applications" at the ICC.

We congratulate both of them and thank them for their support!

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Recently Published Articles

  1. Correlation between the Microstructure Evolution of Well-defined Cubic Palladium Catalyst and the Selectivity during Acetylene Hydrogenation

    Yiming Niu, Bingsen Zhang, Jingjie Luo, Liyun Zhang, Cheng-Meng Chen and Dang Sheng Su

    Accepted manuscript online: 23 FEB 2017 10:24PM EST | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201700020

  2. Chemical and Photochemical Water Oxidation by RuCl(NCNHCO)-(DMSO)(py) Type Complexes

    Wei Su, Hussein A. Younus, Somboon Chaemchuen, Cheng Chen and Francis Verpoort

    Accepted manuscript online: 23 FEB 2017 10:25AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201700049

  3. Production of high quality syncrude from lignocellulosic biomass

    Yannick Mathieu, Laurent Sauvanaud, Len Humphreys, William Rowlands, Thomas Maschmeyer and Avelino Corma

    Accepted manuscript online: 23 FEB 2017 10:20AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201601677

  4. The Role of Ruthenium on Carbon-Supported PtRu Catalysts for Electrocatalytic Glycerol Oxidation under Acidic Conditions

    Dr. Youngmin Kim, Dr. Hyun Woo Kim, Dr. Seonhwa Lee, Jisu Han, Daewon Lee, Dr. Jeong-Rang Kim, Prof. Dr. Tae-Wan Kim, Prof. Dr. Chul-Ung Kim, Prof. Dr. Soon-Yong Jeong, Prof. Dr. Ho-Jeong Chae, Dr. Beom-Sik Kim, Dr. Hyunju Chang, Prof. Dr. Won Bae Kim, Dr. Sung Mook Choi and Prof. Dr. Hyung Ju Kim

    Version of Record online: 23 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201601325

    Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

    Atomic ratio inspected: Reaction product analysis and density functional calculations unveil the promotional effects of ruthenium addition to Pt/C catalysts for glycerol electrooxidation in acid media. The role of structurally and electronically modified PtRu surfaces in glycerol binding and bond breaking is evidenced.

  5. Vanadium(III)-Catalyzed Polymerization of α-Olefins: Detailed NMR Spectroscopic Characterization of Intermediates Modeling the Active Species of Polymerization

    Dr. Igor E. Soshnikov, Dr. Nina V. Semikolenova, Prof. Konstantin P. Bryliakov, Prof. Vladimir A. Zakharov and Prof. Evgenii P. Talsi

    Version of Record online: 23 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201601634

    Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

    Polymerization proceeds over…: The ion pairs formed upon the activation of bis(imino)pyridine complex LVCl3 (L=2,6-bis[1-(2,6-dimethylphenylimino)ethyl]pyridine) with AlMe2Cl and AlMe3/[Ph3C][B(C6F5)4] are characterized in detail by NMR spectroscopy. For the first time the VIII−CH3 group is observed by NMR spectroscopy.