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Editor: Michael Rowan; Editorial Board Chairs: Uwe Bornscheuer, Luis A. Oro, Bert Weckhuysen

Impact Factor: 4.724

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 29/144 (Chemistry Physical)

Online ISSN: 1867-3899

Associated Title(s): Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Chemistry - A European Journal, ChemBioChem, ChemElectroChem, ChemPhotoChem, ChemPhysChem, ChemSusChem


Aims and Scope

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ChemCatChem is now key reading for a wide range of researchers from all forms of catalysis. ChemCatChem seeks to bring down the barriers between homogeneous, heterogeneous, bio- and nanocatalysis and to promote communication within and between these communities. Its authors and readers come from academia, the chemical industry, and government laboratories across the world.

The journal provides primary research papers and critical secondary information on heterogeneous and homogeneouscatalysis as well as biocatalysis. With an impact factor of 4.724 (2015), it is well placed to strengthen cross-communication within between these communities. Its authors and readers come from academia, the chemical industry, and government laboratories across the world.


  • ... is co-owned by ChemPubSoc Europe, with the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, Germany) and supported by the German Catalysis Society (GeCatS). The ChemPubSoc Europe family comprises: Angewandte Chemie, Chemistry—A European Journal, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, ChemPhysChem, ChemBioChem, ChemMedChem, ChemCatChem, ChemSusChem, ChemPlusChem and ChemistryOpen.
  • ... publishes Communications and Full Papers, Review Articles, Concepts, Book and Multimedia Reviews, as well as Highlights of groundbreaking work in the field of catalysis
  • ISSN: 1867-3880 (print). 1867-3899 (online). CODEN: CHEMK3.

    Volume 9. 24 Issues in 2017.


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Chemists and chemical engineers of all disciplines using catalysis: organic, inorganic, organometallic, and bio(in)organic chemists; biochemists; physical and theoretical chemists; materials, polymer, surface, and environmental scientists.


catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, homogeneous catalysis, biocatalysis, protein engineering, whole cell catalysis, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, organocatalysis, metal catalysis, asymmetric catalysis, industrial catalysis, nanocatalysis, catalytic processes, surface reactions, in situ techniques, spectroscopic methods, theoretical methods, catalyst preparation, catalyst characterization, practical applications, catalytic mechanisms
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