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1_02/2009Cover Picture: Alumina-Supported Ni–Au: Surface Synergistic Effects in Catalytic Hydrodechlorination (ChemCatChem 2/2009)

The cover picture shows the surface reaction of hydrogen with 2,4-dichlorophenol on an alumina-supported Au–Ni bimetallic catalyst. In their full paper on pp. 270 ff., M.A. Keane et al. describe the preparation of the Au–Ni/Al2O3 catalyst by reductive deposition of Au onto Ni. Catalyst testing and surface characterisation have established that Au–Ni synergy leads to a more effective cleavage of the C-Cl bonds. Enhanced dechlorination is associated with clusters bearing a uniform Au/Ni composition. This catalytic system facilitates the sustainable detoxification and recycling of haloarenes.

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