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3_03/2011Cover Picture: Towards an Efficient Hydrogen Production from Biomass: A Review of Processes and Materials (ChemCatChem 3/2011)

The cover picture shows an efficient process of the one-stage hydrogen production by integrating in situ CO2 removal into catalytic reactions in processing biomass-related chemicals. Besides the advantage in increasing hydrogen yield and purity, it opens great opportunities for using various feedstocks derived from biomass, easy CO2 sequestration, simple process layout, and efficient energy utilization. In their Review on p. 490 ff., De Chen et al. provide an up-to-date analysis of the main approaches in the conversion of biomass-related feedstocks to hydrogen. They suggest the possible directions with a primary focus on the integration of in situ CO2 capture into the conversion processes. The challenges in selective C-C bond activation and the suppression of the severe thermal decomposition of most biomass-related feedstocks were also addressed.

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