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3_07i/2011Inside Cover: Selective Debenzylation of Benzyl Protected Groups with SiliaCat Pd(0) under Mild Conditions (ChemCatChem 7/2011)

The inside cover cover picture shows the SiliaCat Pd(0) debenzylation catalyst in action. In their Communication on p. 1146 ff., F. Béland, M. Pagliaro et al. describe how benzyl-protected sugars, aminoacids, ethers, and esters are smoothly debenzylated under 0.1 MPa H2 at room temperature using modest amounts (1–2 mol%) of their newly developed catalyst. The latter sol–gel material is a versatile and leach-proof catalyst material that can be recycled and reused with no loss in activity of the entrapped Pd nanocrystals.

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