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3_11/2011Cover Picture: Noble Metal-Modified Porous Titania Networks and their Application as Photocatalysts (ChemCatChem 11/2011)

Photocatalysts The cover picture shows the photocatalytic degradation of an organic pollutant in aqueous solution by the use of a noble metal modified porous TiO2 network. In their Full paper on p. 1763 ff., Caruso et al. describe the preparation, characterization and photocatalytic studies of these materials, using the agarose gel template to produce the porosity and a deposition precipitation method to deposit noble metal nanoparticles onto the porous titania materials. These materials are highly efficient photocatalysts for the photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue under UV light, with the addition of Pd nanoparticles demonstrating highest efficiency followed by Au, Ag, and then Pt. The correlation between the material properties and photocatalytic activity gives a solid foundation for the design of advanced photocatalysts in the future.

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