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4_06/2012Cover Picture: Low-Temperature CO Oxidation over Cu-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks Monitored by using FTIR Spectroscopy (ChemCatChem 6/2012)

Low-temperature CO Oxidation The cover picture shows the adsorption and oxidation of CO at Cu-based metal-organic frameworks (HKUST-1 and MOF-14). In their Communication on p. 755 ff., R. A. Fischer, Y. Wang et al. investigate the reaction mechanism of low-temperature CO oxidation by using ultra-high vacuum infrared spectroscopy (UHV-FTIRS) combined with density functional theory (DFT) calculations. In their communication they provide direct spectroscopic evidence for the high catalytic activity of Cu-based MOFs toward CO oxidation at 105 K. The high-quality FTIRS data demonstrate that this reaction takes place on both intrinsic Cu2+ CUS (coordinatively unsaturated sites) and minority Cu2+ defect sites in the framework. A concerted mechanism was proposed, where the impinging O2 molecule is activated in the presence of pre-adsorbed CO and interacts simultaneously with two isocarbonyl species at neighboring CUS to yield two CO2 molecules.

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