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4_06i/2012Inside Cover: Magnetic Nanoparticles of Ferrite Complex Oxides: A Cheap, Efficient, Recyclable Catalyst for Building the C-N Bond under Ligand-Free Conditions (ChemCatChem 6/2012)

Easily Recyclable Catalyst The inside cover picture shows CuFe2O4 nanoparticles being used as a catalyst for the N-arylation of nitrogen nucleophiles and then being separated from the reaction mixture by a magnet. In their Full Paper on p. 824 ff., W. Sun et al. describe the synthesis and characterization of a series of cheap ferrite complex oxides. The samples were employed as catalysts for the N-arylation of nitrogen nucleophiles and the CuFe2O4 magnetic nanoparticles exhibited good activity, providing products in moderate to excellent yields. The CuFe2O4 nanoparticles calcined at 850 °C exhibited the best activity, are completely recoverable with an external magnet, and can be reused eight times without significant loss of catalytic activity.

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