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4_09/2012Cover Picture: On the Mechanism of Lewis Acid Catalyzed Glucose Transformations in Ionic Liquids (ChemCatChem 9/2012)

Glucose Dehydration The cover picture shows that the distinctly different behavior of ionic liquid-mediated CrII, CuII, and FeII chlorides towards glucose conversion is determined at the stage of the initial coordination of the carbohydrate with the Lewis acidic catalytic complex. In the full paper on p. 1263 ff. E. A. Pidko, V. Degirmenci, and E. J. M. Hensen investigate the mechanism of Lewis acid-catalyzed glucose dehydration using DFT calculations complemented by catalytic experiments and in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The unique ability of CrCl2 catalyst to selectively dehydrate glucose is related to the formation of a coordination complex with glucose that directs its isomerization to fructose. CuCl2 mainly promotes nonselective conversion routes initiated via the direct sugar deprotonation by the metal chloride complex, whereas coordination and activation of carbohydrates by FeCl2 are not possible. (Cover illustration: ICMS Animation Studio, TU/e)

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