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5_02c/2013Inside Back Cover: Trimethylenemethane-Ruthenium(II)-Triphos Complexes as Highly Active Catalysts for Catalytic C-O Bond Cleavage Reactions of Lignin Model Compounds (ChemCatChem 2/2013)

Split and [Ru]n! The cover picture shows the scission of a β-[O]-4'-glycerolarylether linkage in a lignin model compound through internal hydrogen transfer. In their Communication on p. 439 ff., J. Klankermayer, W. Leitner et al. describe the one-step synthesis of trimethylenemethane-ruthenium(II)-triphos complexes from [Ru(cod)(methally)2] and tripodal phosphine ligands as a catalytic system for hydrogen transfer reactions with unprecedented high activity in the C-O cleavage.

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