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5_05c/2013Inside Back Cover: Palladium(II) Complexes with Small N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands as Highly Active Catalysts for the Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction (ChemCatChem 5/2013)

Palladium double act he cover picture shows different forms of palladium catalyst present in the Suzuki–Miyaura reaction mixture. In their Full Paper on p. 1152 ff., A. M. Trzeciak et al. describe the use of palladium complexes of the formula [Pd(NHC)2X2] (NHC=N-heterocyclic carbene) as catalyst precursors to form Pd0NHC complexes and Pd0 nanoparticles. All of these species are involved in the catalytic cycle leading to 2-methylbiphenyl as a reaction product.

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