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Editors: Eric Ravussin and Donna Ryan

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April 2016

Statistics in Obesity Studies: New Reviews and Perspectives

Reduced Neural Impact of Meal Revealed in Women with Obesity

Can Music Program Replace Food as Motivating Factor in Infants?

Associations Between Cognition, Adiposity, Hormones in Young Men

March 2016

After RYGB, Postprandial Lipids
Altered But Not Fructose Metabolism

Is Adipose Tissue Fibrosis Good
or Bad for Metabolic Health?

Liraglutide Preclinical Data
Show Neuroprotective Effect

Sirtuin 1's Role in Brown Fat
Activity, Adaptive Thermogenesi

February 2016

Does the Speed of Weight Loss
Affect How Much is Regained?

Finding a Metabolic
Signature That Predicts Treatment Success

Maternal Prepregnancy BMI
and Risk for Infant Mortality

Prevention of Sarcopenic Obesity
May Begin in Mid-Adulthood

January 2016

Trans-NIH Conference
Examines Precision Medicine for Obesity

Treatment for Smoking Cessation
Affects Weight Control in Teens

T Cell Inflammation Signature
Differentiates Obesity, T2DM

CISD1 Expression May Have Role
in Dysfunctional Adipogenesis

December 2015

SSBs vs. Artificial Sweeeteners
for Reducing Intrahepatic Fat

The Jury is Still Out on Effects
of Probiotics in High-Fat Diet


Internet-Delivered Weight Loss
Program Designed to Appeal to Men

October 2015

Liver Fibrosis, Cognitive Skill
After Bariatric Surgery Linked

Weight Loss is Key Contributor
to Metabolic Effect of UGI Bypass

Can Wi-Fi Scales Help Prevent
College Freshman Weight Gain?

Shift Work Simulated to Test
Circadian Role in Thermogenesis

September 2015

Behavioral Nutrition Helps PCPs
Maintain Patient Weight Loss

“Breaks” in Sedentary Behavior
Improve Adiposity and Glycemia

Fat Browning: Can We Identify
A Gene Expression Signature?

Child BMI Patterns Associated
With Health Risks in Adulthood

August 2015

Exercise-Induced Weight Loss:
Responders vs. Nonresponders?

Novel Mouse Model May Reveal
Mechanisms of Fetal Overgrowth

Pre-Pregnancy Obesity Associated
with Oxidative Stress in Newborn

Anti-Obesity Pharmacotherapy
Linked in Prescribing Patterns Analyzed

June 2015

Do Restriction, Disinhibition
Affect Chocolate Consumption?

Changes in Physical Activity Time
3 Years after Bariatric Surgery

Impact of Obesity on Management
of Muscle Protein Degradation

Cardiorespiratory Fitness and
Maintenance of Metabolic Health

May 2015

Smartphone-Based Intervention
Proves Effective in Pilot Study

Brown-Like Adipocytes Developed
in Petri Dish Using New Approach

Consequences of Maternal Obesity
on CNS Development of Newborns

Visceral Fat in Elderly is Linked
to Microstructural Brain Damage

April 2015

Quick Muscle Adaptations
to High-Fat Feeding

Failure of Exercise to Increase
Irisin Levels in Schoolchildren

Healthy Behaviors in Pregnancy
Lower Postpartum Weight Retention

Prebiotic Oligofructose Changes
Microbiota to Resist Weight Gain

March 2015

New Guidelines Enlarge Population
Recommended for Obesity Treatment

New Tool for Monitoring Weight
In Pregnancy for Obese Women

8-Year Body Composition Changes
Compared in Look AHEAD

Metabolic Adaptation in Adolescents
After Surgery-Induced Weight Loss

February 2015

Study Participants Willing
to Pay to Continue Weight Loss Program

FTO Genetic Feedback's Effect
on Healthy Behavior Motivation

Men Who Lift Weights Maintain
Waist Circumference with Aging

Arginine Treatment Normalizes
Blood Pressure in Obese Rats

January 2015

NIH Working Group Examines
Prevention of Weight Regain

Small Financial Incentives
Prove Cost-Effiectve in Obesity Program

Soluble CD 163 a New Marker
for “Unhealthy” Fat Distribution

Prenatal Smoking Exposure
May Predispose to Metabolic Disease

December 2014

Children’s Water Consumption
and Weight: Review of Evidence

Dietary Treatment Helps Moms
Change Food Choices, Lose Weight

Food Commercials Activate
Adolescent Brain and Predict BMI

Metabolomic Profiles Associated
with Obesity, Health Risks

October 2014

Early Response to Lorcaserin
* Predicts Long-Term Results

Duration of Overweight
and Diabetes Risk

Maternal Triglyceride Levels
and Infant Size

A Child's Weight Following
Bariatric Surgery of a Parent

September 2014

Friends, Co-workers and Family * Effects on Eating and Exercise

Variety, Protein, Energy Density, * Liquids & Energy Balance

Fat-burning and Fat-storing * In Morbidly-Obese Women

Diet Logs: Is More Detail or * More Often Most Effective?

August 2014

Sleep Deprivation Impairs* Control Over Food Stimuli

Effects of Bariatric Surgery* On Food Addiction

Apple vs. Pear Shapes:* Molecular Insights

Brown Fat Around the Kidneys

July 2014

Fast weight loss predicts success

Ghrelin and weight relapse * in bariatric patients

Apple vs Pear-shaped

Are Kid’s Movies Obesogenic?

June 2014

Want to Be Published Faster?

Portion Size Matters

Targeting Sedentary Behaviors

Peanuts to Melt the Fat?

Mechanism of Visceral Adiposity Induced by Androgens

May 2014

Inflamasome Activity and Resistance to Obesity

MC4R Agonist Efficacy in a Weight-Reduced State

Osteopontin: A Novel Player In Fetal Development

Is Obesity Becoming the Norm?

April 2014

Novel Measure: Breath acetone levels to detect ketogenesis

Behaviors Predicting Weight Loss

Obese Smokers Show Impaired Perception of Fat and Sweetness

Obesity Risk and Childbearing

Virtual Issues

Inflammation and obesity

March 2014

BMI and Warmer vs. Cooler Indoor Temperature

Can BMI Be Visually Estimated?

Weight Loss and Adherence

Serum Hepcidin and Obesity

February 2014

Effects of Portion Size on Satiety-Enhancing Foods

Brain Changes: Surgery vs. Dieting

Money Worries and Obesity Risk

Diet + Exercise vs. Diet Only

January 2014

Long-term Results after 8 Years of Diet and Exercise

Editorial for Look AHEAD Study

Eight-Year Weight Losses with an Intensive Lifestyle Intervention: The Look AHEAD Study

Food Addiction Status and Weight-loss Treatment Success

Total and Regional Fat Loss after Cardio and Resistance Training

Biomarkers Post Bariatric Surgery