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Editors: Eric Ravussin and Donna Ryan

Impact Factor: 3.873

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Associated Title(s): Obesity Science & Practice

Editors COI statements

David B. Allison

Dr. Allison has served as a consultant or independent contractor to or received honoraria or travel expenses from the Oregon Department of Justice; Federal Trade Commission; the Food and Drug Administration; the National Science Foundation; the National Institutes of Health; International Life Sciences Institute North America; Biofortis/Mérieux/Silliker; multiple universities, Kellogg’s; the American Society for Nutrition; The Obesity Society; The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); Frontiers Research Foundation; Gjording Fouser PLLC; Janssen Pharmaceuticals; Jason Pharmaceuticals; Miller Golger Faeges Lapine LLP; Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI); Restaino Law Firm; Sage Publications; Squire Patton Boggs; Sui Generis Health/Eisai; Tomasik, Kotin & Kasserman; U.S. Department of Education; SRA International, Inc.; Taylor & Francis; The Scientific Consulting Group Inc; Henry Stewart Talks; Ikea; and Weight Watchers.

Dr. Allison’s university has received grants or unrestricted gifts from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, COMMUNIQUÉ, Inc, Dr. Pepper/Snapple; Dairy Management, Inc., American Egg Board, HEAL Alabama, The Coca-Cola Company, the James McDonald Foundation, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Mars, the Sugar Association, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Allison received donations to a private foundation he serves as president of from COMMUNIQUÉ, Inc., United Soybean Board, and Northharvest Bean Growers Association.

Dr. Allison received royalties as editor for the Sage Publications Inc. book Handbook of Assessment Methods for Eating Behaviors and Weight-Related Problems.

Dr. Allison held a patent pending for: Photographic methods for body composition assessment.

Steve Anton
Dr. Anton is a scientific advisor and consultant for ReBody, LLC, which is an affiliate of Reserve Life Organics, LLC d/b/a Reserveage Organics.

David E. Cummings
Dr. Cummings is Principal Investigator on the COSMID trial, which is funded by Johnson & Johnson.

Jose E. Galgani
Dr. Galgani receives research funding from the National Agency for Research and Technology-Chile.

David Meyre
Dr. Meyre declares no conflict of interest.

Bettina Mittendorfer
Dr. Mittendorfer declares no conflict of interest.

Christopher Morrison
Dr. Morrison declares no conflict of interest.

J. Michael Oakes
Dr. Oakes has earned compensation for data analysis and training from the Ramsey County, Minnesota, Department of Health and for teaching at the University of Alabama at Birmingham summer training program on obesity research.

Cynthia L. Ogden
Dr. Ogden declares no conflict of interest.

Eric Ravussin
Dr. Ravussin serves on the Scientific Advisory Board to the Nutrilite Health Institute with Amway; has a consultant contract with Janssen; serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for ICAN, Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition in Paris, France; gives lectures at the Open Academy in Venice; and is an advisor for The Center for Medical Weight Loss. Dr. Ravussin has received research grants or unrestricted gifts from Amway, Nestle, the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), and Ethicon Surgery.

Leanne Redman
Dr. Redman is a member of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board for AdvoCare International, LP, and receives royalties as a Co-Inventor of SmartLoss®, a smartphone application for weight management programs.

Marc Reitman
Dr. Reitman declares no conflict of interest.

Donna H. Ryan
Dr. Ryan has received remuneration for consulting services from Novo Nordisk, Orexigen, Janssen, CVK, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and National Institutes of Health. She has received remuneration for speaking from Novo Nordisk, Takeda, Eisai St Charles Medical Center (Oregon), NPWH, AACE, Endocrine Society, AAFP, World Obesity Federation, WM DPG, Cleveland Clinic Obesity Summit, and various continuing education companies, i.e., Vindico, IMNE, Med-IQ, NACCME, and NCQA. Dr. Ryan has an equity interest in Scientific Intake.

Patrick Schrauwen
Dr. Schrauwen has received research funding from Unilever and from the TI Food and Nutrition, a consortium of Dutch food industries and Dutch government. He also has received payment for consultancies from AstraZeneca and Amazentis.

Gabriel Q. Shaibi
Dr. Shaibi receives research support from the National Institutes of Health, Mayo Clinic, and Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Melinda S. Sothern
Dr. Sothern declares no conflict of interest.

Jacqueline M. Stephens
Dr. Stephens declares no conflict of interest.

Deborah F. Tate
Dr. Tate serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for Weight Watchers International.

Jack A. Yanovski
Dr. Yanovski is Site-PI for a multi-site trial sponsored by Zafgen, Inc.