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Editors: Eric Ravussin and Donna Ryan

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Associated Title(s): Obesity Science & Practice

Virtual Issue: Obesity and the Brain

A growing body of evidence suggests that individuals with obesity are more “neurologically sensitive” in regions of the brain associated with reward, emotion, and motivation. Meanwhile, increased body fat has been linked to functional and structural changes in the brain. How does this knowledge inform our efforts to help people of all ages achieve and maintain a healthy weight? And how does weight loss affect these neurological differences? Obesity Associate Editor Stephen Anton, of the University of Florida College of Medicine, has selected recent articles that detail important findings in this emerging area of research.

Improved memory function two years after bariatric surgery
Michael L. Alosco, Mary Beth Spitznagel, Gladys Strain, Michael Devlin, Ronald Cohen, Robert Paul, Ross D. Crosby, James E. Mitchell, and John Gunstad
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Changes in Taste Perception and Eating Behavior After Bariatric Surgery-Induced Weight Loss in Women
Marta Yanina Pepino, David Bradley, J. Christopher Eagon, Shelby Sullivan, Nada A. Abumrad, and Samuel Klein
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A Comparison of Functional Brain Changes Associated with Surgical Versus Behavioral Weight Loss
Amanda S. Bruce, Jared M. Bruce, Abigail R. Ness, Rebecca J. Lepping, Stephen Malley, Laura Hancock, Josh Powell, Trisha M. Patrician, Florence J. Breslin, Laura E. Martin, Joseph E. Donnelly, William M. Brooks, and Cary R. Savage
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Preliminary Evidence of Cognitive and Brain Abnormalities in Uncomplicated Adolescent Obesity
Po Lai Yau, Esther H. Kang, David C. Javier, and Antonio Convit
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Decision-Making, Sensitivity to Reward and Attrition in Weight Management
Gilly Koritzky, Camille Dieterle, Chantelle Rice, Katie Jordan, and Antoine Bechara
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Bariatric Surgery-Induced Weight Loss Causes Remission of Food Addiction in Extreme Obesity
Marta Yanina Pepino, Richard I. Stein, J. Christopher Eagon, and Samuel Klein
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Cigarette Smoking and Obesity are Associated with Decreased Fat Perception in Women
Marta Yanina Pepino andJulie A. Mennella
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White Matter Integrity in Older Females Is Altered by Increased Body Fat
Lee Ryan and Katrin Walther
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Amodal Brain Activation and Functional Connectivity in Response to High-Energy-Density Food Cues in Obesity
Susan Carnell, Leora Benson, Spiro P. Pantazatos, Joy Hirsch, and Allan Geliebter
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Cognitive Performance and BMI in Childhood: Shared Genetic Influences Between Reaction Time But Not Response Inhibition
Alexis C. Frazier-Wood, Susan Carnell, Oscar Pena, Sheryl O. Hughes, Teresia M. O'Connor, Philip Asherson, and Jonna Kuntsi
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Long Duration of Stressful Homework as a Potential Obesogenic Factor in Children: A QUALITY Study
Isabelle Michaud, Jean-Philippe Chaput, Jennifer O'Loughlin, Angelo Tremblay, and Marie-Eve Mathieu
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Functional Brain Response to Food Images in Successful Adolescent Weight Losers Compared With Normal-Weight and Overweight Controls
Chad D. Jensen and C. Brock Kirwan
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Effect of mineralocorticoid receptor blockade on hippocampal-dependent memory in adults with obesity
Lisa S. Rotenstein, Margaret Sheridan, Rajesh Garg, and Gail K. Adler
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