Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining

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Edited By: Professor Bruce E. Dale

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Associated Title(s): Chemistry & Industry, Energy Science & Engineering, Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Pest Management Science, Polymer International

Editorial Board

Professor Bruce E. Dale
Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Michigan State University, USA
Professor Melvyn F. Askew
Fellow of Central Science Laboratory and
Founder of Census-Bio, UK
Professor Jie Bao
State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering
East China University of Science and Technology, China
Dr Ausilio Bauen
Centre for Environmental Policy
Imperial College London, UK
Professor Göran Berndes
Department of Physical Resource Theory
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Dr Dario Bonetta
University of Ontario
Institute of Technology, Canada
Professor David Bransby
Department of Agronomy and Soils
Auburn University College of Agriculture, USA
Dr Douglas Cameron
First Green Partners, USA
Professor Kenneth G. Cassman
Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Professor Yusuf Chisti
School of Engineering, PN 456
Massey University, New Zealand
Professor Luis Cortez
State University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil

Professor Zhen Fang
Nanjing Agricultural University

José Goldemberg
Institute of Electrotechnics and Energy
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Jorge Antonio Hilbert
Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Professor Herman Höfte
Laboratory of Cellular Biology
Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin
INRA, France
Dr Mingjie Jin
Professor of Biological Engineering
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Professor Birgit Kamm
Brandenburg Technical University and
BIOPOS Research Institute, Germany
Dr Angela Karp
Plant and Invertebrate Ecology Division
Rothamsted Research, UK
Professor Michael Ladisch
Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering
Purdue University, USA
Dr Jean-Paul Lange
Shell Global Solutions
The Netherlands
Professor Lene Lange
University of Copenhagen
Dr Mark Laser
Thayer School of Engineering
Dartmouth College, USA
Dr Warren E. Mabee
Energy and Environmental Policy
Queen's University, Canada
Dr Luiz H.C. Mattoso
Embrapa Agricultural Instrumentation Center
Professor Martin Mittelbach
Graz, Austria
Dr Andrea Monti
University of Bologna
Professor Lisbeth Olsson
Chalmers University of Technology
Dr William D. Provine
DuPont Biofuels, USA
Professor Arthur J. Ragauskas
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
Dr Badal C. Saha
Bioenergy Research Unit
National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research
USDA Agricultural Research Service, Peoria, USA
Professor Johan Sanders
Chair of Valorisation of Plant Production Chains
Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Dr Gautam Sarath
Grain, Forage and Bioenergy Research Unit
USDA Agricultural Research Service, USA
Dr Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz
Senior Researcher
Abengoa, Spain
Professor Roger Sheldon
Laboratory for Biocatalysis and Organic Chemistry
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Dr Sharon P. Shoemaker
UC Davis Energy Institute
University of California, Davis, USA
Dr Poonam Singh nee’ Nigam
School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Ulster, UK
Professor Wim Soetaert
Laboratory for Industrial Microbiology and Biocatalysis
Ghent University, Belgium
Professor Christian V. Stevens
Department of Organic Chemistry
Ghent University, Belgium
Professor Mariam Sticklen
Department of Crop & Soil Sciences
Michigan State University, USA
Dr Carlos Vaca-Garcia
Laboratory of Agro-Industrial Chemistry
ENSIACET, Toulouse, France
Dr Timothy A. Volk
College of Environmental Science and Forestry
State University of New York, USA
Professor Charles Wyman
Center for Environmental Research and Technology
University of California Riverside, USA
Dr Bin Yang
Washington State University, USA
Professor Qing Yang
Dalian University of Technology, China
Professor Ying- Jin Yuan
School of Chemical Engineering & Technology
Tianjin University, China
Professor Hideaki Yukawa
Microbiology Research Group
Research Institute of Innovative Technology
  for the Earth (RITE), Japan