The Anatomical Record

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Edited By: Kurt H. Albertine, PhD

Online ISSN: 1932-8494

The Monkey House

Unveiling the Mysteries in the Trees: The Anatomical Record Explores the Anatomy and Evolution of New World Monkeys (pages 1951–1952)
Jeffrey T. Laitman and Kurt H. Albertine

A (New World Monkey) Tree Grows in Brooklyn (pages 1953–1954)
Jeffrey T. Laitman

Evolutionary Morphology, Platyrrhine Evolution, and Systematics (pages 1955–1974)
Alfred L. Rosenberger

Morphological Correlates of the Grooming Claw in Distal Phalanges of Platyrrhines and Other Primates: A Preliminary Study (pages 1975–1990)
Stephanie Maiolino, Doug M. Boyer and Alfred Rosenberger

Locomotor Diversification in New World Monkeys: Running, Climbing, or Clawing Along Evolutionary Branches (pages 1991–2012)
Dionisios Youlatos and Jeff Meldrum

Tail Architecture and Function of Cebupithecia sarmientoi, a Middle Miocene Platyrrhine from La Venta, Colombia (pages 2013–2023)
Jason M. Organ and Pierre Lemelin

Reconstructing the Locomotor Repertoire of Protopithecus brasiliensis. I. Body Size (pages 2024–2047)
Lauren B. Halenar

Reconstructing the Locomotor Repertoire of Protopithecus brasiliensis. II. Forelimb Morphology (pages 2048–2063)
Lauren B. Halenar

Mechanoreceptivity of Prehensile Tail Skin Varies Between Ateline and Cebine Primates (pages 2064–2072)
Jason M. Organ, Magdalena N. Muchlinski and Andrew S. Deane

Paleodiet of Extinct Platyrrhines With Emphasis on the Caribbean Forms: Three-Dimensional Geometric Morphometrics of Mandibular Second Molars (pages 2073–2091)
Siobhán B. Cooke

Physical Properties of Fruit and Seeds Ingested by Primate Seed Predators with Emphasis on Sakis and Bearded Sakis (pages 2092–2111)
Marilyn A. Norconk and Michael Veres

The Making of Platyrrhine Semifolivores: Models for the Evolution of Folivory in Primates (pages 2112–2130)
Alfred L. Rosenberger, Lauren Halenar and Siobhán B. Cooke

Craniofacial Adaptations to Tree-Gouging Among Marmosets (pages 2131–2139)
Elliott C. Forsythe and Susan M. Ford

Are We Looking for Loads in all the Right Places? New Research Directions for Studying the Masticatory Apparatus of New World Monkeys (pages 2140–2157)
Christopher J. Vinyard, Andrea B. Taylor, Mark F. Teaford, Kenneth E. Glander, Matthew J. Ravosa, James B. Rossie, Timothy M. Ryan and Susan H. Williams

The Vomeronasal Organ of New World Monkeys (Platyrrhini) (pages 2158–2178)
Timothy D. Smith, Eva C. Garrett, Kunwar P. Bhatnagar, Christopher J. Bonar, Amanda E. Bruening, John C. Dennis, Jonathan H. Kinznger, Edward W. Johnson and Edward E. Morrison

Behavioral and Ecological Consequences of Sex-Based Differences in Gustatory Anatomy in Cebus apella (pages 2179–2192)
Magdalena N. Muchlinski, Beth A. Docherty, Laura J. Alport, Anne M. Burrows, Timothy D. Smith and Sylvia M Paesani

Life-History Correlates of Enamel Microstructure in Cebidae (Platyrrhini, Primates) (pages 2193–2206)
Russell T. Hogg and Robert S. Walker

Relative Brain Size, Gut Size, and Evolution in New World Monkeys (pages 2207–2221)
Walter Hartwig, Alfred L. Rosenberger, Marilyn A. Norconk and Marcus Young Owl

Primates of All Types Swing Through the Pages of The Anatomical Record (pages 539–540)
Jeffrey T. Laitman and Kurt H. Albertine

The Magic of the Monkey House: New Insights Into the Anatomy that Makes Primates Primates (pages 541–543)
Jeffrey T. Laitman

From Head to Tail: New Models and Approaches in Primate Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics (pages 544–548)
Jason M. Organ, Valerie B. Deleon, Qian Wang and Timothy D. Smith

Full-Field Characterization of Wishboning Strain in the Colobine Mandibular Symphysis (pages 549–556)
Ronald B. Bucinell, David J. Daegling, W. Scott Mcgraw and Andrew J. Rapoff

Allometry of Masticatory Loading Parameters in Mammals (pages 557–571)
Matthew J. Ravosa, Callum F. Ross, Susan H. Williams and Destiny B. Costley

A Preliminary Analysis of the Relationship Between Jaw-Muscle Architecture and Jaw-Muscle Electromyography During Chewing Across Primates (pages 572–582)
Christopher J. Vinyard and Andrea B. Taylor

The Structural Rigidity of the Cranium of Australopithecus africanus: Implications for Diet, Dietary Adaptations, and the Allometry of Feeding Biomechanics (pages 583–593)
David S. Strait, Ian R. Grosse, Paul C. Dechow, Amanda L. Smith, Qian Wang, Gerhard W. Weber, Simon Neubauer, Dennis E. Slice, Janine Chalk, Brian G. Richmond, Peter W. Lucas, Mark A. Spencer, Caitlin Schrein, Barth W. Wright, Craig Byron and Callum F. Ross

The Effect of Early Hominin Occlusal Morphology on the Fracturing of Hard Food Items (pages 594–606)
Michael Berthaume, Ian R. Grosse, Nirdesh D. Patel, David S. Strait, Sarah Wood and Brian G. Richmond

Mechanical Impact of Incisor Loading on the Primate Midfacial Skeleton and its Relevance to Human Evolution (pages 607–617)
Qian Wang, Barth W. Wright, Amanda Smith, Janine Chalk and Craig D. Byron

Edentulation Alters Material Properties of Cortical Bone in the Human Craniofacial Skeleton: Functional Implications for Craniofacial Structure in Primate Evolution (pages 618–629)
Paul C. Dechow, Qian Wang and Jill Peterson

Evidence for the Influence of Diet on Cranial Form and Robusticity (pages 630–641)
Rachel A. Menegaz, Samantha V. Sublett, Said D. Figueroa, Timothy J. Hoffman, Matthew J. Ravosa and Kristina Aldridge

Masticatory Loading, Function, and Plasticity: A Microanatomical Analysis of Mammalian Circumorbital Soft-Tissue Structures (pages 642–650)
Eldin Jašarević, Jie Ning, Ashley N. Daniel, Rachel A. Menegaz, Jeffrey J. Johnson, M. Sharon Stack and Matthew J. Ravosa

Microanatomical Assessment of Nasomaxillary Suture Patency (pages 651–657)
Timothy D. Smith, Anne M. Burrows and Elizabeth R. Dumont

Mammalian Limb Loading and Chondral Modeling During Ontogeny (pages 658–670)
Ashley S. Hammond, Jie Ning, Carol V. Ward and Matthew J. Ravosa

Curvature Scaling in the Medial Tibial Condyle of Large Bodied Hominoids (pages 671–679)
Adam D. Sylvester and Jason M. Organ

Shouldering the Burdens of Locomotion and Posture: Glenohumeral Joint Structure in Prosimians (pages 680–691)
Adrian S. Wright-Fitzgerald, Mark D. Balceniuk and Anne M. Burrows

Studying Primate Carpal Kinematics in Three Dimensions Using a Computed-Tomography-Based Markerless Registration Method (pages 692–709)
Caley M. Orr, Evan L. Leventhal, Spencer F. Chivers, Mary W. Marzke, Scott W. Wolfe and Joseph J. Crisco

Dynamic Pressure Patterns in the Hands of Olive Baboons (Papio anubis) During Terrestrial Locomotion: Implications for Cercopithecoid Primate Hand Morphology (pages 710–718)
Biren A. Patel and Roshna E. Wunderlich

Trabecular Bone Structure in the Humeral and Femoral Heads of Anthropoid Primates (pages 719–729)
Timothy M. Ryan and Alan Walker

Structure and Function of Platyrrhine Caudal Vertebrae (pages 730–745)
Jason M. Organ