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Editor-in-Chief: Professor Brandon L. Weeks

Online ISSN: 1932-8745

Editorial Board

Brandon L. Weeks
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX

Editor Emeritus
D.C. Joy

Founding Editor
A. Boyde


Ralph Albrecht
Dept. of Animal Health and Biomed Sciences
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

David Bell
Center for Nanoscale Systems
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Timothy G. Bromage
Hard Tissue Research Unit
New York University College of Dentistry
New York, NY

Christopher A. Brown
Surface Metrology Lab
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA

Raynald Gauvin
Dept. Mining, Metals and Materials Engineering
McGill University
Montreal, Canada

Brendan Griffin
Center for Microscopy, Characterization and Analysis
University of Western Australia
Crawley, Western Australia

Tim Maugel
Laboratory for Biological Ultrastructure
Dept. of Biology
University of Maryland
College Park, MD

Dale E. Newbury
Microanalysis & Analytical Chemistry
National Institute of Standards Technology
Gaithersburg, MD

S. Frank Platek
Forensic Chemistry Center
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Cincinnati, OH

Michael T. Postek, Jr.
National Institute of Standards Technology
Nanometer Scale Metrology Group
Gaithersburg, MD

Easan Sivaniah
Dept. of Physics
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

Brad Thiel
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
University at Albany - SUNY
Albany, NY

Thomas Thundat
Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada

Andras Vladar
Precision Engineering Division
National Institute of Standards Technology
Gaithersburg, MD

Editorial Assistant
Erica Byrd
111 River St., Mail Stop 8-02
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Fax: (201)748-6207