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Call for Media Reviews

"The Journal of Leadership Studies is looking to publish reviews of leadership theory, practices, and experiences outside of the boundaries of scholarship and formal organizational practice. The Journal presently publishes peer-reviewed research articles that address leadership inquiry from a social science perspective, as well as a symposium section that highlights invited conversation around topics in leadership theory, practice, and research. However, as leadership inquiry extends into other facets of contemporary life, we seek to expand the Journal’s capacity to represent multiple perspectives of leadership in contemporary media.

The unprecedented growth in internet and media technology over the last decade has facilitated global movements of change, national dialogues of social reform and powerful business innovations. Principles of leadership are now practiced through media on a global scale. What is the nature of leadership in the realm of contemporary media? A strong case can be made that media contribute heavily to public conceptualizations, expectations, and assessments of leaders, often in a more efficacious way than traditional scholarly or industry trade publications. As such, the Journal of Leadership Studies seeks to expand the standard notion of a scholarly review, encouraging cross-disciplinary engagement with the full spectrum of topics related to leadership and media.

The Journal of Leadership Studies is accepting submissions for editorial reviews, informed essays, and scholarly articles for the Media Review section. Examples of topics may include, but are not limited to:

·  Politics and leadership in media

·  Social media and leadership

·  Film and television portrayal of leadership

·  Leadership and radio

·  Music industry and leadership in social change

·  Leadership practices in visual media: graphic arts, branding

·  Contemporary leadership in pedagogy and online media

·  Intersection of leadership research and online media

Reviews should be 1500-2500 words in length and in APA format. All reviews will undergo an editorial review process. Images should be appropriately cited for copyright.

The Journal of Leadership Studies accepts review submissions on a rolling schedule.

Contact: Walker Karraa, Media Review Editor