Anatomical Sciences Education

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Edited By: Richard L. Drake, PhD and Wojciech Pawlina, MD

Online ISSN: 1935-9780

Associated Title(s): The Anatomical Record, Developmental Dynamics

Virtual Issue: Body Bequest Programs

Regardless of the source, human cadavers have been used in medical science education and research for centuries. Currently, cadavers are primarily obtained through donation programs that provide individuals with a unique opportunity in which they can make a lasting and meaningful contribution to medical science.

This selfless act not only helps train future physicians but also leads to better management and treatment of disease. Throughout the world, however, the donation of bodies is not widely accepted and many medical students are not able to experience this unique educational opportunity. Similarly, physicians do not have the opportunity to use cadavers in the development of new and improved treatment capabilities.

Due to the variety of situations that exist around the world related to the donation of bodies, Anatomical Sciences Education has published articles related to this important topic since its first issue just over 4 years ago. This special virtual issue is a collection of these papers.

Giving ourselves: the ethics of anatomical donation.
Gunderman RB

The wider importance of cadavers: educational and research diversity from a body bequest program.
Cornwall J, Stringer MD

A proposal for a policy on the ethical care and use of cadavers and their tissues.
Champney TH

Age modulates attitudes to whole body donation among medical students.
Perry GF, Ettarh RR

Student attitudes to whole body donation are influenced by dissection.
Cahill KC, Ettarh RR

Promotion of body donation and use of cadavers in anatomical education at the University of Padova.
De Caro R, Macchi V, Porzionato A.

Knowledge, attitude, and practices regarding whole body donation among medical professionals in a hospital in India.
Ballala K, Shetty A, Malpe SB

Body donation in India: Social awareness, willingness, and associated factors.
Rokade SA, Gaikawad AP

The trend of body donation for education based on Korean social and religious culture.
Park JT, Jang Y, Park MS, Pae C, Park J, Hu KS, Park JS, Han SH, Koh KS, Kim HJ

Formal body bequest program in Nigerian medical schools: when do we start?
Akinola OB

The reliance on unclaimed cadavers for anatomical teaching by medical schools in Africa.
Gangata H, Ntaba P, Akol P, Louw G