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Edited By: Professor Keith RJ Smettem

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Online ISSN: 1936-0592

Most Cited

Please click on the links below to read the most cited papers published in Ecohydrology in 2013 and 2014:

Mountain pine beetle infestation impacts: modeling water and energy budgets at the hill-slope scale
Mikkelson, K. M.; Maxwell, R. M.; Ferguson, I.; et al.

Groundwater-dependent distribution of vegetation in Hailiutu River catchment, a semi-arid region in China
Lv, Jingjing; Wang, Xu-Sheng; Zhou, Yangxiao; et al.

Ecohydrology of Sphagnum moss hummocks: mechanisms of capitula water supply and simulated effects of evaporation
McCarter, Colin P. R.; Price, Jonathan S.

Growth, water productivity, and biomass allocation of Great Basin plants as affected by summer watering
Evans, T. L.; Mata-Gonzalez, R.; Martin, D. W.; et al.

Spatial and temporal dynamics of soil moisture in a Mediterranean mountain area (Vallcebre, NE Spain)
Garcia-Estringana, P.; Latron, J.; Llorens, P.; et al.

Riparian vegetation responses to altered flow regimes driven by climate change in Mediterranean rivers
Rivaes, Rui; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Patricia M.; Albuquerque, Antonio; et al.

Soil properties affect pinyon pine - juniper response to drought
Peterman, Wendy; Waring, Richard H.; Seager, Trent; et al.

Overlap in soil water sources of savanna woody seedlings and grasses
Kambatuku, Jack R.; Cramer, Michael D.; Ward, David

Effects of leaf hydrophobicity and water droplet retention on canopy storage capacity
Holder, Curtis D.

Influence of aspect in soil and vegetation water dynamics in dry Mediterranean conditions: functional adjustment of evergreen and semi-deciduous growth forms
Angel Gabarron-Galeote, Miguel; Damian Ruiz-Sinoga, Jose; Quesada, Miguel A.