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From JAAL 59.2 (September/October 2015)

“My Journey of Hope and Peace”:Learning From Adolescent Refugees' Lived Experiences Full Article
Where's the Rhetoric? Full Article
Questions of Matter: Critical Conversations in Online Spaces Full Article
The Three Little Wolves Go to College: A Picture Book Lesson for Young Adult EFL Learners Full Article
Writing Instruction for Adolescents in the Shadow of the Common Core State Standards Full Article
Seven Traps of the Common Core State Standards Full Article
Differentiating Digital Writing Instruction: The Intersection of Technology, Writing Instruction, and Digital Genre Knowledge Full Article

From JAAL 59.1 (July/August 2015)

The Nature of Selected English Teachers' Online Participation

Full Article
Writing From Behind the Fence: Incarcerated Youths and a Graphic Novel on HIV/AIDS Full Article
Gamification: Questing to Integrate Content Knowledge, Literacy, and 21st-Century Learning Full Article
Learning Through Play: Portraits, Photoshop, and Visual Literacy Practices Full Article
Habits of Practice: Expanding Disciplinary Literacy Frameworks Through a Physical Education Lens Full Article
The Influence of Genre Understanding on Strategy Use and Comprehension Full Article
Inclusive Classrooms for LGBTQ Students: Using Linked Text Sets to Challenge the Hegemonic “Single Story” Full Article

From JAAL 58.8 (May 2015)

Diaspora Literacies: An Exploration of What Reading Means to Young African Immigrant Women Full Article
Mediating Complex Texts in the Upper Grades: Considering Motivation, Instructional Intensity, and Cognitive Challenge Full Article
“They're Not Keeping a Journal of Feelings”: Literacy Initiatives and Career and Technical Education Full Article
Beyond the Rubric: Think-Alouds as a Diagnostic Assessment Tool for High School Writing Teachers Full Article
Using Retrieval Practice and Metacognitive Skills to Improve Content Learning Full Article

From JAAL 58.7 (April 2015)

Repeated Reading as a Method to Improve Reading Fluency for Struggling Adolescent Readers  fa
Recurrent Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes: A Morphemic Approach to Disciplinary Literacy  fa
The Affordances of Blogs and Digital Video: New Potentials for Exploring Topics and Representing Meaning  fa
Multimodal Scaffolding in the Secondary English Classroom Curriculum   fa
“Nomadic Knowledge”: Men Writing Zines for Content Learning   fa

From JAAL 58.6 (March 2015)

Expanding the Notion of Historical Text Through Historic Building Analysis   fa
Literacy as a Translocal Practice: Digital Multimodal Literacy Practices Among Girls Resettled as Refugees   fa
e-Textbooks: A Personalized Learning Experience or a Digital Distraction?   fa
Students’ Playful Tactics: Teaching at the Intersection of New Media and the Official Curriculums   fa
Reading on the Internet: Realizing and Constructing Potential Texts   fa

From JAAL 58.5 (February 2015)

Who's Using the Language? Supporting Middle School Students With Content Area Academic Language   fa
Web-Mediated Knowledge Synthesis for Educators   fa
There Is Enough Time: Accounting for Each Student's Learning Trajectory and Identity Needs With Proleptic-Ethnodrama   fa
Using Nooks to Hook Reluctant Readers   fa
Enacting Critical Literacy in English Classrooms: How a Teacher Learning Community Supported Critical Inquiry   fa

From JAAL 58.4 (December 2014-January 2015)

Xavier's Take on Authentic Writing: Structuring Choices for Expression and Impact   fa
Ready or Not: Recognizing and Preparing College-Ready Students   fa
Texts as Mirrors, Texts as Windows: Black Adolescent Boys and the Complexities of Textual Relevance   fa
Leading Ourselves (Tweets Optional): An Analysis of Selected Twitter Users   fa
Using Transmediation in Elementary Preservice Teacher Education: A Literacy and Science Collaborative   fa

From JAAL 58.3 (November 2014)

Collaborative Design: Participatory Culture Meets Multiliteracies in a High School Literary Arts Community   fa
Uncovering Substance: Teaching Revision in High School Classrooms   fa
Multiliteracies Pedagogy: Creating Claymations With Adolescent, Post-Beginner English Language Learners   fa
Seeking Asylum: Adolescents Explore the Crossroads of Human Rights Education and Cosmopolitan Critical Literacy   fa
Cloud-Based Collaborative Writing and the Common Core Standards   fa

From JAAL 58.2 (October 2014)

Freshmen and Five Hundred Words: Investigating Flash Fiction as a Genre for High School Writing   fa
Critical Literature Pedagogy: Teaching Canonical Literature for Critical Literacy   fa
A Literacy Lesson from an Adult “Burgeoning” Reader   fa
The Potential of Digital Technologies to Support Literacy Instruction Relevant to the Common Core State Standards   fa
Oral Reading Fluency as a Predictor of Silent Reading Fluency at Secondary and Postsecondary Levels   fa

From JAAL 58.1 (September 2014)

When the Subaltern Finally Speaks: Personal Narrative as a Means to Identity and Voice fa
Creative Crisis: English Teacher Testimony of the Violent Writings of High School Yout fa
 Gamified Vocabulary: Online Resources and Enriched Language Learning fa
 Exploring Early Reading Instructional Strategies to Advance the Print Literacy Development of Adolescent SLIFE fa
 Affinity Spaces, Apprenticeships, and Agency: Exploring Blogging Engagements in Family Spaces fa

From JAAL 57.8 (May 2014)

Joy and the “Smart Kids”: Competing Ways of Being and Believingfa
 Character Journaling Through Social Networks: Exemplifying Tenets of the New Literacy Studies fa
 Teaching Adolescent ELs to Write Academic-Style Persuasive Essays fa
Korean and Korean American Adolescents' Responses to Literature: Impact of Narratives and Interpretive Community    fa
 Using Disciplinary Literacies to Enhance Adolescents' Engineering Design Activity fa

From JAAL 57.7 (April 2014)

Cosmopolitan Literacies of Belonging in an After-school Program With Court-Involved Youths
 Full Article
Environmental E-Books and Green Goals: Changing Places, Flipping Spaces, and Real-izing the Curriculum
 Full Article
Scaffolding High School Students’ Reading of Complex Texts Using Linked Text Sets
 Full Article
Reconceptualizing Vulnerability in Personal Narrative Writing With Youths
 Full Article
Reading, Gender, and Engagement: Lessons From Five PISA Countries
 Full Article

From JAAL 57.6 (March 2014)

Using Interdisciplinary, Project-Based, Multimodal Activities to Facilitate Literacy Across the Content Areas
 Full Article
Literacy Agents Online: E-Discussion Forums for Advancing Adults' Literacy Practices
 Full Article
Peer Group and Friend Influences on the Social Acceptability of Adolescent Book Reading
 Full Article
“How They Really Talk”: Two Students' Perspectives on Digital Literacies in the Writing Classroom
 Full Article
“Mind Your Language”: High School Students Write Laboratory Reports
 Full Article

From JAAL 57.5 (February 2014)

Close Reading as an Intervention for Struggling Middle School Readers
 Full Article
“Spacecraft Reveals Recent Geological Activity on the Moon”: Exploring the Features of NASA Twitter Posts and Their Potential to Engage Adolescents
 Full Article
The Role of Digital Literacy Practices on Refugee Resettlement: The Case of Three Karen Brothers
 Full Article
Text Complexity and Young Adult Literature: Establishing Its Place
 Full Article
A Literature Review on Disciplinary Literacy: How Do Secondary Teachers Apprentice Students Into Mathematical Literacy?
 Full Article

From JAAL 57.4 (December 2013- January 2014)

Expanding What It Means to Make Evidence-Based Claims: Online Comments and the Boston Marathon BombingsFull Article
“You're Wearing Kurt's Necklace!”: The Rhetorical Power of Glee in the Literacy ClassroomFull Article
Becoming Academically Literate: A Case Study of an African Immigrant YouthFull Article
Digital Storytelling in a Place-Based Composition CourseFull Article
Welcoming Taye: How His English Teacher Embraced an African American Transfer Student in an Affluent Suburb Full Article

From JAAL 57.3 (November 2013)

Reading Preparation of Secondary ELA Teachers: A U.S. Survey of State Licensure RequirementsFull Article
The Pedagogical Potential of Video Remix: Critical Conversations About Culture, Creativity, and CopyrightFull Article
How Rhetorical Theories of Genre Address Common Core Writing Standards Full Article
Rethinking Academic Literacies: Designing Multifaceted Academic Literacy Experiences for Preservice TeachersFull Article
 Informational Writing in High School Science: The Importance of Genre, Apprenticeship, and Publication
Full Article

From JAAL 57.2 (October 2013)

(Re)placing School: Middle School Students' Countermobilities While Composing With iPodsFull Article
Adolescent Reading/Viewing of Advertisements: Understandings From Transactional and Positioning TheoryFull Article
Mapping Today's Literacy Landscapes: Navigational Tools and Practices for the Journey  Full Article
Reading Is About Relating: Urban Youths Give Voice to the Possibilities for School LiteracyFull Article
Learning to Write in Middle School? Insights Into Adolescent Writers' Instructional Experiences Across Content AreasFull Article

From JAAL 57.1 (September 2013)

You have free access to this contentWhat WAS Hot (and Not) in Literacy: What We Can Learn   Full Article
You have free access to this contentWriting “Voiced” Arguments About Science Topics: Answering The CCSS Call for Integrated Literacy InstructionFull Article
You have free access to this contentGiving Voice to Valeria's Story: Support, Value, and Agency for Immigrant AdolescentsFull Article
You have free access to this contentDocumenting Instructional Practices in a Literacy-Infused Arts Program: Respecting Pedagogues From the CommunityFull Article
You have free access to this contentInterdisciplinary Literacy Through Social Media in the Mathematics Classroom: An Action Research StudyFull Article

From JAAL 56.8 (May 2013)

Learning to Talk Like the Test: Guiding Speakers of African American Vernacular English   Full Article
From Playbuilding to Devising in Literacy Education: Aesthetic and Pedagogical Approaches Full Article
“What's the Catch?”: Providing Reading Choice in a High School ClassroomFull Article
You have free access to this contentCritical Literacy and the Ethical Responsibilities of Student Media ProductionFull Article
Writing in the Wild: Writers’ Motivation in Fan-Based Affinity SpacesFull Article

From JAAL 56.7 (April 2013)

Putting Two and Two Together: Middle School Students' Morphological Problem-Solving Strategies For Unknown Words  Full Article
You have free access to this contentUsing Apps to Support Disciplinary Literacy and Science LearningFull Article
Measuring Adolescents' Attitudes Toward Reading: A Classroom SurveyFull Article
Reading Math Textbooks: An Algebra Teacher's Patterns of ThinkingFull Article
Boys’ Hidden Literacies: The Critical Need for the VisualFull Article

From JAAL 56.6 (March 2013)

Rap and Orality in a Post-NCLB/ALEC World  Full Article
Using YA Literature to Help Preservice Teachers Deal With Bullying and SuicideFull Article
You have free access to this contentVocabulary Learning on the Internet: Using a Structured Think-Aloud ProcedureFull Article
Entering the Arena: The Figured Worlds Transition of Preservice TeachersFull Article
You have free access to this contentSet in Stone or Set in Motion?: Multimodal and Digital Writing With Preservice English TeachersFull Article

From JAAL 56.5 (February 2013)

“Untold Stories to Tell”: Making Space For The Voices of Youth Songwriters  Full Article
“I'm Riskin' It”: Teachers Take On Consumerism Full Article
Rhetorical Reading as a Gateway to Disciplinary LiteracyFull Article
The Temporal Expectations of Schooling and Literacy Learning Jermaine's StoryFull Article
Teacher Scaffolding of Academic Language in an Advanced Placement U.S. History ClassFull Article

From JAAL 56.4 (December 2012- January 2013)

It's Time to Turn the Digital Page: Preservice Teachers Explore E-Book Reading Full Article
Scaffolding: An Ongoing Process to Support Adolescent Writing Development Full Article
The Cafeteria as Contact Zone: Developing A Multicultural Perspective Through Multilingual and Multimodal Literacies Full Article
Measuring the Reader Self-Perceptions of Adolescents: Introducing the RSPS2 Full Article
Open Up the Ceiling on the Common Core State Standards: Preparing Students for 21st-Century Literacy—Now Full Article

From JAAL 56.3 (November 2012)

Literacy as Social Action in City Debate Full Article
Creating Spaces for Black Adolescent Girls to “Write It Out!” Full Article
Critical Conversations on Whiteness With Young Adult Literature Full Article
Tensions in Teaching Adolescence/ts: Analyzing Resistances In A Young Adult Literature Course Full Article
Adolescents’ Motivation in the Context of an Academic Vocabulary Intervention in Urban Middle School Classrooms Full Article

From JAAL 56.2 (October 2012)

“I'm Just Kind of Winging It”: Preparing and Supporting Educators of Adult Refugee Learners Full Article
Literacy Learning Within Community Action Projects for Social Change Full Article
What's in a Word? Using Content Vocabulary to Generate Growth in General Academic Vocabulary Knowledge Full Article
Foregrounding the Disciplines for Teacher Preparation in Secondary Literacy Full Article
Teachers’ Enactment of Content Literacy Strategies in Secondary Science and Mathematics Classes Full Article

From JAAL 56.1 (September 2012)

Class on Fire: Using the Hunger Games Trilogy to Encourage Social Action

Full Article
Rethinking Plagiarism in the Digital Age Full Article
Purposeful Instruction: Mixing Up The “I,” “We,” and “You” Full Article
“I Am the Rock Goddess of Lyrics”: Writerly Identities of Adolescents Returning to School Full Article
Is Fluent, Expressive Reading Important for High School Readers? Full Article