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In the News

Articles published in The Journal of Wildlife Management are frequently covered in the media. Read some examples:

Cougars Are Recolonizing the Midwest: Analysis of Cougar Confirmations during 1990–2008
The Guardian: US scientists celebrate return of the cougar to the American midwest

Neonatal mule deer fawn survival in west-central Colorado
Huffington Post: The Mule Deer Wars

Sustaining conservation values in selectively logged tropical forests: The attained and the attainable
Mongabay: Can loggers be conservationists?

Autumn Thoughts of a Hunter
Huffington Post: Canned Killing: Don't Call It Hunting!

Observations of Coyote–Cat Interactions
The Chattanoogan: Studies Show Outdoor Cats Are Popular Prey For Coyotes

Efficacy of firearms for bear deterrence in Alaska
Daily Mail: Why carrying a gun in bear country doesn’t make you any safer

Trends in Intensive Management of Alaska's Grizzly Bears, 1980-2010
Anchorage Press: Alaska's newest wildlife experiment: Snaring and shooting brown bears

Decline in American marten occupancy rates at Sagehen Experimental Forest, California
Science Codex: Fewer marten detections in California forest linked to decline in habitat

Density-dependence in the survival and reproduction of Bald Eagles: Linkages to Chum Salmon
Vancouver Sun: B.C.'s south coast hosts world's concentration of wintering eagles

Spatial ecology of wolverines at the southern periphery of distribution
Mongabay: Wolverines live up to tough reputation

Habitat occupancy by riparian muskrats reveals tolerance to urbanization and invasive vegetation
Science 2.0: Muskrats Are Tolerant Of Multiple Forms Of Human Disturbance

Using echolocation monitoring to model bat occupancy and inform mitigations at wind energy facilities
Renewable Energy Magazine: New research helps predict bat presence at wind energy facilities

Fatal attacks by American black bear on people: 1900–2009
U.S. News & World Report: Fatal Black Bear Attacks Rare But Rising

Home Range, Habitat Use, and Activity Patterns of Free-Roaming Domestic Cats
Scientific American: Domestic Cats Roam Far and Wide

Mid-Atlantic Coast Osprey Population: Present Numbers, Productivity, Pollutant Contamination, and Status
The Washington Post: Ospreys on crane may get new home

Barred owl occupancy surveys within the range of the northern spotted owl High Numbers of Barred Owls Likely in Pacific Northwest Forests

Can Coyotes Affect Deer Populations in Southeastern North America?
The Augusta Chronicle: Coyote growth hindering whitetail deer population

Cougar Kill Rate and Prey Composition in a Multiprey System
The Scientist: Behavior brief

Non-permanent radiotelemetry leg harness for small birds
Columbia Daily Tribune: MU professor helps save tropical kingfisher

Detection Distance and Environmental Factors in Conservation Detection Dog Surveys
New York Times: Four-Legged Assistants Sniff Out Wildlife Data

Cougar Kill Rate and Prey Composition in a Multiprey System
The Scientist: Seasonal Cuisine for Cougars

Multiscale Habitat Use and Selection in Cooperatively Breeding Micronesian Kingfishers
Columbia Daily Tribune: MU Professor Helps Save Tropical Kingfisher