Performance Improvement Quarterly

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Edited By: Ingrid Guerra-López

Online ISSN: 1937-8327

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Performance Improvement Quarterly is a peer-reviewed journal with a mission to stimulate professional discussion in the field and to advance the interdisciplinary field of Human Performance Technology (HPT) through the publication of scholarly works including literature reviews, experimental studies, survey research, and case studies.


academic practitioners, assistant professors, business consultants, chief learning officers, consultants, directors of learning functions, directors of training & development, executives, graduate students, HR executives, HR specialist, human factors practitioners, human resource professionals, independent consultants, instructional designers, learning and development managers, learning manager, learning managers, organizational consultants, organizational development consultants, performance consultants, performance specialists, performance technologist, professors, project managers, students, trainers, training consultants, training managers, training specialist, trainers in any setting including business, academia, government, military, and health services


2015, Vol 28, 4 Issues


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