Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

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Edited By: Gregory J. Madden, Utah State University

Online ISSN: 1938-3711

Associated Title(s): Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

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Special Issue on Stimulus-Stimulus Relations

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Concurrent identity training is not necessary for associative symmetry in successive matchingHeloísa Cursi Campos, Peter J. Urcuioli, and Melissa Swisher

Six-term transitive inference with pigeons: Successive-pair training followed by mixed-pair trainingCarter W. Daniels, Jennifer R. Laude, and Thomas R. Zentall

Merging separately established stimulus classes with outcome-specific reinforcementCammarie Johnson, Olga Meleshkevich, and William V. Dube

Facilitating relational framing in children and individuals with developmental delay using the relational completion procedureSinead Walsh, Jennifer Horgan, Richard J. May, Simon Dymond, and Robert Whelan

Hierarchical classification as relational framingBrian Slattery, Ian Stewart

Relational coherence in ambiguous and unambiguous relational networksJennifer L. Quinones, Steven C. Hayes

Effects of an acceptance/defusion intervention on experimentally induced generalized avoidance: A laboratory demonstrationCarmen Luciano, Sonsoles Valdivia-Salas, Francisco J. Ruiz, Miguel Rodríguez-Valverde, Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Michael J. Dougher, Juan C. López-López, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, and Olga Gutierrez-Martínez

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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

JEAB would like to announce a Special Issue on Experimental Manipulations of Delay Discounting

For this Special Issue of JEAB, we invite empirical papers exploring the effects of experimental variables that impact delay discounting and related processes on human and nonhuman decision-making. Theoretical contributions and comprehensive literature reviews are also of interest. Click here for the full Call for Papers.

Submission Deadline: August 1, 2014