Security and Communication Networks

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Special Issues

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New Special Issues

Human-centric security service and its application in smart space
Volume 7, Issue 10, October 2014

Advances in trusted network computing
Volume 7, Issue 9, pages 1313–1321, September 2014

Previous Special Issues

Security and Privacy in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Systems
DISA: Detection and Isolation of Sneaky Attackers in Locally-Monitored Multi-hop Wireless Networks
SMM Rootkit: A New Breed of OS Independent Malware
Attacking the Kad Network - Real World Evaluation and High Fidelity Simulation using DVN -
Architecture and Performance Evaluation of a Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for IP Telephony

Special issue on Physical Security
On the Choice of the Appropriate AES Data Encryption Method for ZigBee Nodes
"Symmetric key infrastructure for authenticated key establishment between resource constrained nodes and powerful devices."
Privacy-Protected Communication for Location-Based Services
Optimizing Resource and Data Security in Shared Sensor Networks
Achieving Privacy and Access Control in Pervasive Computing Environments

Digital Forensics in Mobile Computing System and Ubiquitous Wireless Networks
A Survey of Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
A Proposed Security Scheme Against DoS Attacks in Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks
GlobalView: Building Global View with Log Files in a Distributed / Networked System for Accountability
The Design of Conditional Access Mechanism for Ubiquitous VoD Services
An RFID System Yoking Proof Protocol Conforming to EPCglobal C1G2 Standards
The digital forensics of GPS path records and the discovery of previous Facebook IDs on a Pocket PC PDA
A Simple and Rapid Authentication Protocol in Mobile Network
On Steganography in Lost Audio Packets
Performance Analysis of Secure Beaconing Messages for GeoNetworking
Virtual Flow-net for Accountability and Forensics of Computer and Network Systems

Internet of Things
Secure Communication with RFID tags in the Internet of Things
Assessing the Security of Internet Connected Critical Infrastructures
How to protect security and privacy in the IoT: A policy-based RFID tag management protocol
A Context-Aware Approach to Defend Against Unauthorized Reading and Relay Attacks in RFID Systems
Secure Communication for the Internet of Things - A Comparison of Link-Layer Security and IPsec for 6LoWPAN
Context-Aware Usage Control for Web of Things

Security in Cooperative Vehicular Networks
Violation Detection Method for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networking
Mobility and security in a real VANET deployed in a heterogeneous networks
SDRP: A Secure Distributed Revocation Protocol for Vehicular Environments
On decentralized group key management mechanism for VANETs

Machine Learning
A Graph-Theoretic Framework for Isolating Botnets in a Network
SVM-Based Anti-Forensic Method for Spread-Spectrum Fingerprinting
Network Intrusion Detection using Hybrid Binary PSO and Random Forests Algorithm
Application of Artificial Bee Colony for Intrusion Detection Systems
"Combining Expert Knowledge with Automatic Feature Extraction for Reliable Web Attack Detection"

Security in M2M
Vulnerabilities of Underwater Acoustic Networks to Denial-of-Service Jamming Attacks
STaR: Design and Qualitative Measurement of Source-Location Privacy for Wireless Sensor Networks
"Geolocation Aware Security in A Netcentric Small Unmanned- Aerial-System for RF emitters"
Security Assurance in Wireless Acoustic Sensors via Event Forecasting and Detection
Anonymous Communication in Overlay Networks
A Security Authentication Scheme in Machine-to-Machine Home Network Service
Protocol Derivation System for the Needham-Schroeder Family
Research and Implementation of M2M Smart Home and Security System
Security in Application Layer of Radar Sensor Networks: Detect Friends or Foe
A Survey of Accountability in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Enhanced Security and Reliability with MIMO Communications for Smart Grid
A Survey on Security Issues in Smart Grids

Special issue on Cryptographic Solutions for Secure Information Systems
Exploiting Convergence Characteristics to Tackle Collusion Attacks in OLSR for Security and Communication Networks
A UTP approach towards probabilistic protocol verification
Policy Override in Practice: Model, Evaluation, and Decision Support
A Secure Many to Many Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
Efficient Homomorphic Sealed-Bid Auction Free Of Bid Validity Check And Equality Test
On Robust Key Agreement Based on Public Key Authentication
Design and Implementation of a Versatile Cryptographic Unit for RISC processors
Algebraic Construction of Cryptographically Good Binary Linear Transformations
BioPSTM: A Formal Model for Privacy, Security and Trust in Template-Protecting Biometric Authentication
Special Issue on the Design and Engineering of Cryptographic Solutions for Secure Information Systems (SCN-SI-032)

Spam, Phishing
Blocking Spam By Separating End-User Machines from Legitimate Mail Server Machines
Compression-based Spam Filter
Spammers Operations: A Multifaceted Strategic Analysis

Human-centric Security
"Unified Threat Model for Analyzing and Evaluating Software Threats"
A novel user authentication scheme with anonymity for wireless communications
UFLE: A User-friendly Location-free Encryption System for Mobile Users
Human-centric Visual Monitoring of Multi Clients System Behavior and BiT for Trust Computing
Privacy Protection in Human-centric Healthcare Home Environment
A Study of Privacy problem solving using Device and User Authentication for M2M Environments
Multi-Camera based Security Log Management Scheme for Smart Surveillance
A Novel Approach to Detection of Mobile Rogue Access Points
Applying biometrics to design three-factors remote user authentication scheme with key agreement
Robust Password Changing and DoS Resilience for Human-Centric Password Authentication
Improved Cancelable Fingerprint Templates Using Minutiae-based Functional Transform
Modeling and Formal Verification of Smart Environments
A Model of Analyzing Cyber Threats Trend and Tracing Potential Attackers Based on Darknet Traffic
Human Centric Security Policy and Management Design for Small and Medium Business
A Study on the Influences of R&D Investment on Information Security for the Machine and the Electronics Industry
[Human-centric Security]A Spatial Transformation Scheme supporting Data Privacy and Query Integrity for Security of Outsourced Databases
A security communication model based on certificateless online/offline signcryption for Internet of Things
Discovering Anomaly based on Flow Estimation of Alert Feature Distribution
Real-time robust 3D object tracking and estimation for surveillance system

Trust and Security in Cloud Computing
A Study of IP Prefix Hijacking in Cloud Computing Networks
Achieving Dynamic Privileges in Secure Data Sharing on Cloud Storage
Towards a Trust Management System for Cloud Computing Marketplaces

Security for Mobile Internet Applications
Secure Hybrid Multi-Bit Multiplicative Watermarking for Media Distribution over Mobile Internet
Privacy Enhancement for Fair PayWord-Based Micropayment
Malware Detection by Applying Knowledge Discovery Processes to Application Metadata on the Android Market (Google Play)
"Mobile Internet Security Enforcing Mobile Security with Location-aware RBAC"
Privacy Enhanced Device Access

Smartgrid Security
Editorial for the special issue of Wiley Security and Communication Networks Journal devoted to Security in Smart Grid
A Framework for Intrusion Detection System in Advanced Metering Infrastructure
SCADA Communication and Security Issues
SESA: An Efficient Searchable Encryption Scheme for Auction in Emerging Smart Grid Marketing
Why securing smart grids is not just a straightforward consultancy exercise
Providing User Privacy in Smart Grid AMI Applications
Password Authenticated Cluster-Based Group-Key Agreement for Smart Grid Communication

Recent Advances in Network and Information Security
A Security Key Distribution Scheme Based on Energy Efficiency for Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks
Privacy Theft Malware Multi-Process Collaboration Analysis
A Quantum Secure Direct Communication Protocol Based on Four-qubit Cluster State
Practical identity-based encryption in multiple PKG environments for Ad Hoc Networks
Botnet Spoofing - Fighting Botnet with Itself
Secrecy Capacity of Wireless Channels subject to Log-Normal Fading
An Empirical Study of Morphing on Behavior-based Network Traffic Classification
An Efficient Sparse Matrix Format for Accelerating Regular Expression Matching on FPGAs
Efficient trust-chain model based on turing machine

Security in Big Data
Image Splicing Forgery Detection based on Local Binary Patterns of DCT Coefficients
Anomaly Detection in Big Data from UWB Radars
Physical Layer Security in Wireless Smart Grid
Strategies of Network Coding Against Nodes Conspiracy Attack
The Hybrid Architecture of Wireless and Power Line Communications in HANs for Smart Grid Security
Secure and Efficient Integration of Big Data for Multi-Cells Based on Micro Images
Provable Ownership of Files in De-duplication Cloud Storage
Secure Transmission for Big Data Based on Nested Sampling and Coprime Sampling with Spectrum Efficiency
Secure and efficient data collection in wireless image sensor network based on ellipse batch dispersive routing
Energy Efficient Comparator for Successive Approximation Register ADCs with Application to Encryption
Distributed Video Coding of Secure Compressed Sensing

Sensor Security
A Low-cost UHF RFID Tag Chip with AES Cryptography Engine
An Exemplar-based Learning Approach for Detection and Classification of Malicious Network Streams in Honeynets
Dynamically Combine Authentication Factors based on Quantified Risk and Benefit
A Cryptography-Based Protocol Against Packet Dropping and Message Tampering Attacks on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
A Hybrid NFC-Bluetooth Secure Protocol for Credit Transfer Among Mobile Phones
Characterization of Attacks Collected from the Deployment of Web Service Honeypot
A DSR-Based Routing Protocol for Mitigating Blackhole Attacks on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Trusted Network Computing
Smartphone Security: Understanding Smartphone Users' Trust in Information Security Management
A Trust Model based on Semantic Distance for Pervasive Environments
An Aggregated Signature-based Fast RFID Batch Detection Protocol
The Approaches to Contextual Transaction Trust Computation in E-Commerce Environments
A Secure K-Automorphism Privacy Preserving Approach with High Data Utility in Social Networks
Anomaly Diagnosis Based on Regression and Classification Analysis of Statistical Traffic Features
Obtaining K-Obfuscation for Profile Privacy in Social Networks
A Fixed Point Model for Rate Control and Routing in Cloud Datacenter Networks
Memshepherd: Comprehensive Memory Bug Fault-Tolerance System

Applied Cryptography for Information and Communication Networks
Efficient public key encryption with revocable keyword search
Cryptanalysis and Improvement of ‘An Efficient and Secure Dynamic ID-based Authentication Scheme for Telecare Medical Information Systems’
Signer-admissible strong designated verifier signature from bilinear pairings
Publishing and Sharing Encrypted Data with Potential Friends in Online Social Networks
Secure Universal Designated Verifier Identity-based Signcryption
Efficient Certificateless Encryption Withstanding Attacks from Malicious KGC Without using Random Oracles
A Local Joint Fast Handoff Scheme in Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks
A Generic Homomorphic MAC Construction for Authentication in Network Coding
Special Issue on Applied Cryptography for Information and Communication Networks

Security in a Completely Interconnected World
On Collaborative Anonymous Communications in Lossy Networks
Privacy in the Internet of Things: Threats and Challenges
Analysis and Taxonomy of Security/QoS tradeoff solutions for the Future Internet
Integrating security mechanisms into embedded systems by domain-specific modelling
The Design and Implementation of a Secure CAPTCHA Against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
Enhancing Information Lookup Privacy through Homomorphic Encryption

Provable Security
One-Move Convertible Nominative Signature in the Standard Model
Continual Key-Leakage Tolerant Encryption From Extensible-set Delegation
Generalized (Identity-Based) Hash Proof System and Its Applications
Non-interactive Deniable Ring Signature without Random Oracles
Authenticated Key Exchange with Entities from Different Settings and Varied Groups
Character-based Symmetric Searchable Encryption and Its Implementation and Experiment on Mobile Devices

Emerging Technologies in Secure Communications and Mobile Computing
A secure Authentication Scheme for Session Initiation Protocol using ECC based on Hongbin et al, scheme
A Mobile Phone-Based Physical-Social Location Proof System for Mobile Social Network Service

Challenges and Opportunities in Next Generation Cyberspace Security
An Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Mechanism for 3G/WLAN Networks
An Enhanced Security Framework for Reliable Android OS
Server-based Code Obfuscation Scheme for APK Tamper Detection
A Histogram-Based Method for Efficient Detection of Rewriting Attacks in SOAP Messages

Security and Networking for Cyber Physical Systems
On False Data Injection Attacks against Kalman Filtering in Power System Dynamic State Estimation
CIT: A Credit-based Incentive Tariff Scheme with Fraud-traceability for Smart Grid
TCP-Polite Rate Control Based on Cooperative Measurement
QoS- and Security-Aware Dynamic Spectrum Management in Cyber-Physical Surveillance Systems for Transportation
Vulnerability-Constrained Multiple Minimum Cost Paths for Multi-Source Wireless Sensor Networks

Security and Privacy Preservation in Vehicular Communications
Guest Editorial
Privacy-preserving secure relative localization in vehicular networks
On the security of context-adaptive information dissemination
Mobile anonymity of dynamic groups in vehicular networks
Secure, pseudonymous, and auditable communication in vehicular ad hoc networks
Defending against packet dropping attack in vehicular ad hoc networks
A secure business framework for file purchasing in vehicular networks

Clinical Information Systems Security
Guest Editorial
Enabling the provision of secure web based m-health services utilizing XML based security models
Enforcing secured ECG transmission for realtime telemonitoring: A joint encoding, compression, encryption mechanism
Secure authentication and authorization design for rural-based healthcare institutions
Enforcing patient privacy in healthcare WSNs through key distribution algorithms

Secure multimedia communication
Guest Editorial
A secure virtual point of service for purchasing digital media content over 3G wireless networks
Realising time limitation for cryptographic keys in secure multimedia distribution
Integrating fingerprint with cryptosystem for internet-based live pay-TV system
User plane security alternatives in the 3G evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (e-MBMS)
Stepwise inter-frame correlation-based steganalysis system for video streams
AuthoCast—a mobility-compliant protocol framework for multicast sender authentication
Early security key exchange for encryption in Mobile IPv6 handoff

Security in wireless sensor networks
Guest Editorial
LAID: a learning automata-based scheme for intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks
Chaotic communication improves authentication: protecting WSNs against injection attacks
FBT: an efficient traceback scheme in hierarchical wireless sensor network
An effective defensive node against jamming attacks in sensor networks
The MARVIN message authentication code and the LETTERSOUP authenticated encryption scheme
Confidentiality and integrity for data aggregation in WSN using peer monitoring
Privacy-preserving robust data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
An ant colony optimization approach for reputation and quality-of-service-based security in wireless sensor networks

WiMAX security and applications
Guest Editorial
Collaborative attacks in WiMAX networks
Efficient rekeying algorithms for WiMAX networks
Optimal WiMax planning with security considerations
Key challenges in securing WiMAX mesh networks
A survey of anonymity in wireless communication systems
An authentication method for proxy mobile IPv6 and performance analysis

Security in next generation wireless networks
Guest Editorial
On predictive routing of security contexts in an all-IP network
A robust self-organized public key management for mobile ad hoc networks
Secure prophet address allocation for MANETs
A data clustering approach to discriminating impersonating devices in Wi-Fi networks
eRIPP-FS: Enforcing privacy and security in RFID
Application of wavelet denoising to improve OFDM-based signal detection and classification
Performance evaluation of IKEv2 authentication methods in next generation wireless networks

Security in mobile wireless networks
Guest Editorial
malnets: large-scale malicious networks via compromised wireless access points
Performance analysis of secure on-demand services for wireless vehicular networks
An end-to-end approach to secure routing in MANETs
A secure and resistant architecture against attacks for mobile ad hoc networks
PCM: a privacy-preserving detection mechanism in mobile ad hoc networks
Internet security meets the IP multimedia subsystem: an overview
Providing key recovery capability for mobile communications
Securing the signaling plane in beyond 3G networks: analysis of performance overheads
The impact of key assignment on VANET privacy
A Dirichlet reputation system in reliable routing of wireless ad hoc network
Towards an efficient reputation based hybrid key management architecture for ad hoc networks
BHIDS: a new, cluster based algorithm for black hole IDS

Security in ad hoc networks and pervasive computing
Guest Editorial
A lightweight secure data transmission protocol for resource constrained devices
PAPA-UIC: a design approach and a framework for secure mobile ad hoc networks
RFIDGuard: a lightweight privacy and authentication protocol for passive RFID tags
Using Hidden Markov Model to detect rogue access points
Defending Sybil attacks based on neighboring relations in wireless sensor networks
An autonomous attestation token to secure mobile agents in disaster response
Building advanced applications with the Belgian eID

Security and trust management for dynamic coalitions
Guest Editorial
Securing business operations in an SOA
Secure information sharing for grid computing
A guide to trust in mobile ad hoc networks
Secure and robust threshold key management (SRKM) scheme for ad hoc networks
Identity crisis: on the problem of namespace design for ID-PKC and MANETs
Reputation management in collaborative computing systems
Interoperable semantic access control for highly dynamic coalitions
Semiring-based frameworks for trust propagation in small-world networks and coalition formation criteria

Trusted computing and communications
Guest Editorial
Enhanced correlation power analysis attack against trusted systems
Better security enforcement in trusted computing enabled heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
A new biometric identity based encryption scheme secure against DoS attacks
Hybrid pattern matching for trusted intrusion detection
TPM-based protection for mobile agents
FineTrust: a fine-grained trust model for peer-to-peer networks
A challenge-based trust establishment protocol for peer-to-peer networks
Enhancing identity trust in cryptographic key management systems for dynamic environments
Secure reputation monitoring system—a novel connected dominating set-based framework for WSNs

Security and privacy in wireless systems
Guest Editorial
A privacy-aware overlay routing scheme in WSNs
Secure topology maintenance and events collection in WSNs
SecLoc – secure localization in WSNs using CDS
RAMV: ensuring resource-aware message verification in VANETs
Verifying position and velocity for vehicular ad-hoc networks

Security challenges in emerging and next-generation wireless communication networks
Guest Editorial
A WLAN security management framework based on formal spatio-temporal RBAC model
End-to-end protocol to secure ad hoc networks against wormhole attacks
Local geometric algorithm for hole boundary detection in sensor networks
An efficient approach of secure group association management in densely deployed heterogeneous distributed sensor network
An efficient scheme to handle bursty behavior in secure group communication using binomial key trees
Digital forensics of WLM 8.1 via check point methodology within corporate intranet in future communication security
Improved IPsec performance utilizing transport-layer-aware compression architecture
A self-stabilized random access protocol against denial of service attack in wireless networks

Privacy and security on pervasive e-health and assistive environments
Guest Editorial
Identifying and utilizing secure paths in ad hoc assistive medical environments
EnPassant: anonymous routing for disruption-tolerant networks with applications in assistive environments
Sensor network security for pervasive e-health
Using an autonomous robot to maintain privacy in assistive environments
People-centric sensing in assistive healthcare: Privacy challenges and directions
KALwEN: a new practical and interoperable key management scheme for body sensor networks
Identity-based multi-receiver threshold signcryption scheme
Network specific false alarm reduction in intrusion detection system
Cardioids-based faster authentication and diagnosis of remote cardiovascular patients

Security and privacy in emerging information technologies
Guest Editorial
Evaluation of anomaly-based IDS for mobile devices using machine learning classifiers
User identification and anonymization in 802.11 wireless LANs
Accountability using flow-net: design, implementation, and performance evaluation
Modelling security message propagation in delay tolerant networks
A key distribution scheme using network coding for mobile ad hoc network
LPA: a new location-based privacy-preserving authentication protocol in VANET
An efficient distributed key management scheme for group-signature based anonymous authentication in VANET
Generating certification authority authenticated public keys in ad hoc networks
Cryptanalysis of some conference schemes for mobile communications
The most recent SSL security attacks: origins, implementation, evaluation, and suggested countermeasures

Security technologies and applications for convergence environments
Guest Editorial
Fine-grained user access control in ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption
Privacy-preserving frequent itemsets mining via secure collaborative framework
Security analysis and enhancement for three-party password-based authenticated key exchange protocol
Convertible ring signatures with gradual revelation of non-signers
Security analysis of an ultra-lightweight RFID authentication protocol—SLMAP*
Threat scenario-based security risk analysis using use case modeling in information systems
Adaptive-capacity and robust natural language watermarking for agglutinative languages
Dynamic trust evaluation and scheduling framework for cloud computing
Secure authentication mechanism for RFID tag in WLAN convergence 3G networks
Improved multi-server authentication protocol

Defending against insider threats and internal data leakage
Guest Editorial
Reverse-safe authentication protocol for secure USB memories
Minimizing insider misuse through secure Identity Management
A comparison of one-class bag-of-words user behavior modeling techniques for masquerade detection
Enhancing directory virtualization to detect insider activity
Identity management-based social trust model for mediating information sharing and privacy enhancement
MalPEFinder: fast and retrospective assessment of data breaches in malware attacks
Adaptive pattern mining model for early detection of botnet-propagation scale
Attack countermeasure trees (ACT): towards unifying the constructs of attack and defense trees

Next generation communication and network security
Guest Editorial
The effective method of database server forensics on the enterprise environment
Detection of botnets before activation: an enhanced honeypot system for intentional infection and behavioral observation of malware
Adaptive scheduling strategies for cloud-based resource infrastructures
Bayesian Approach with Maximum Entropy Principle for trusted quality of Web service metric in e-commerce applications
Identity-based construction for secure and efficient handoff authentication schemes in wireless networks
Detecting SYN flooding attacks based on traffic prediction
Study on the security of the extended version for the ISO/IEC international standardized block cipher SEED
Self-organizing life cycle management of mobile ad hoc networks
On the security of PPPoE network
Proactive recovery approach for intrusion tolerance with dynamic configuration of physical and virtual replicas
A quantitative approach to estimate a website security risk using whitelist
A partially reconstructed previous Gmail session by live digital evidences investigation through volatile data acquisition
Quantitative intrusion intensity assessment for intrusion detection systems
Simple SMS spam filtering on independent mobile phone

Security in ubiquitous computing
Guest Editorial
Auction-based task allocation with trust management for shared sensor networks
Classifying different denial-of-service attacks in cloud computing using rule-based learning
Enhanced authentication for commercial video services
A new dynamic identity-based authentication protocol for multi-server environment using elliptic curve cryptography
Reversible secret image sharing with steganography and dynamic embedding

Security in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks with advanced QoS provisioning
Guest Editorial
Distributed monitoring for misbehaviour detection in wireless sensor networks
ALPP: anonymous and location privacy preserving scheme for mobile IPv6 heterogeneous networks
Modeling tools for detecting DoS attacks in WSNs
Performance comparison between IBE-HWMP and ECDSA-HWMP
Context data distribution with quality guarantees for Android-based mobile systems
Component-based security system (COMSEC) with QoS for wireless sensor networks
Efficient group-based authentication protocol for location-based service discovery in intelligent transportation systems
On downlink power allocation for multiuser variable-bit-rate video streaming
Wireless security: securing mobile UMTS communications from interoperation of GSM
Improving QoS and security in wireless ad hoc networks by mitigating the impact of selfish behaviors: a game-theoretic approach
Defense against Sybil attack in the initial deployment stage of vehicular ad hoc network based on roadside unit support
Mitigating colluding injected attack using monitoring verification in mobile ad-hoc networks