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Edited By: João B.P. Soares

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Exploring the Diversity The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

Published: 14 Aug 2009

Introduction: This virtual issue of The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering collects several of our top articles published recently, as well as some highly cited older papers. The broad variety of themes covered in these manuscripts encompass fluid mechanics, microfluidics, biochemical engineering, process control, chemical reactors, mineral processing, colloids and surface sciences. Undoubtedly, this diversity of themes, interconnected through a few core areas, is what makes chemical engineering so rich and stimulating; to capture this variety of themes between the covers of a single scientific journal is one of the main goals of the CJChE editorial board.

Hydrodynamic cell model: General formulation and comparative analysis of different approaches
Zholkovskiy EK, Shilov VN, Masliyah JH, et al.

Layer inversion and bed contraction in down-flow binary-solid liquid-fluidized beds
Escudie R, Epstein N, Grace JR, et al.

Determining surface potential of the bitumen-water interface at nanoscale resolution using atomic force microscopy
Drelich J, Long J, Yeung A

Observations and analysis of electrokinetically driven particle trapping in planar microelectrode arrays
Tomkins MR, Wood JA, Docoslis A

Petroleum residue upgrading via delayed coking: A review
Sawarkar AN, Pandit AB, Samant SD, et al.

Biosorption of phenol onto Posidonia oceanica (L.) seagrass in batch system: Equilibrium and kinetic modelling
Ncibi MC, Mahjoub B, Seffen M

A new method for the detection of microorganisms in blood cultures: Part I. Theoretical analysis and simulation of blood culture processes
Ncibi MC, Mahjoub B, Seffen M

Control relevant on-line model validation criterion based on robust stability conditions
Jiang HL, Shah SL, Huang BA

Multivariate statistical monitoring of process operating performance
Kresta JV, Macgregor JF, Marlin TE

Contacting modes and behavior classification of gas - solid and other two-phase suspensions
Grace JR

Virtual Issues from Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering: Process Control

Published: 10 Apr 2009

Extremum-seeking control of retention for a microparticulate system
Audrey Favache, Denis Dochain, Michel Perrier, Martin Guay

A Simplified Numerical Approach to Feedback Controller Design
Tom B. Bechtel

The integration of spectroscopic and process data for enhanced process performance monitoring
Chris W. L. Wong, Richard Escott, Elaine Martin, Julian Morris

Multi-controller scheme for load rejection and set-point tracking
Bingjun Guo, Arthur Jutan

A new approach to evaluate the energetic efficiency of batch-jacketed reactors
Fernando G. Martins, Manuel A. N. Coelho

Control of Spouted Bed Dryers
Nivaldo A. Corrêa, Carlos E. S. Costa, Ronaldo G. Corrêal, José T. Freire

Petroleum Residue Upgrading Via Delayed Coking: A Review
Ashish N. Sawarkar, Aniruddha B. Pandit, Shriniwas D. Samant, Jyeshtharaj B. Joshi

Non-Linear Model Predictive Control: A Personal Retrospective
B. Wayne Bequette