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Edited By: João B.P. Soares

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Advancing the Science and Practice of Chemical Engineering

This new virtual issue of The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, collects several top articles showcasing the strength of the journal in bringing you the best in chemical engineering research. Also included are a few Editorials highlighting new initiatives planned for the journal over the next few years.


Retrofit of absorption heat pumps into manufacturing processes: Implementation guidelines
B. Bakhtiari et al.

Application of support vector regression for developing soft sensors for nonlinear processes.

S. Chitralekha, S. Shah

Properties of uniaxially stretched polypropylene films: effect of drawing temperature and random copolymer content
F. Sadeghi et al.

Proposed kinetic mechanism of biodiesel production through lipase catalysed interesterification with a methyl acetate acyl acceptor and ionic liquid [BMIM][PF6] co-solvent
N.I. Ruzich, A.S. Bassi.

A hybrid finite element/finite difference algorithm for compressible/incompressible viscoelastic liquids
A. Guaily, M. Epstein.

A new methodology for hydrodynamic similarity in bubble columns
A. Shaikh, M. Al-Dahhan.

Unified correlation for overall gas hold-up in bubble column reactors for various gas–liquid systems using hybrid genetic algorithm-support vector regression technique
A.B. Gandhi, J.B. Joshi

Bitumen content estimation of Athabasca oil sand from broad band infrared reflectance spectra
B. Rivard et al.

A lab-scale reaction calorimeter for olefin polymerization
V.F. Tisse et al.

Mechanotransduction and blood fluid dynamics in developing blood vessels
E.A.V. Jones.

On bubble column reactor design for the determination of kinetic rate constants in gas–liquid systems
S.C. Cardona et al.

A new methodology for hydrodynamic similarity in bubble columns
A. Shaikh, M. Al-Dahhan.

Investigation of hydrodynamics of binary fluidized beds via radioactive particle tracking and dual-source densitometry
R.K. Upadhyay, S. Roy.

Advanced measurement techniques for GLS reactors
R.F. Mudde.

Direct meso-scale simulations of fibres in turbulent liquid flow
J.J. Derksen.

CFD simulation of gas–solid bubbling fluidized bed: A new method for adjusting drag law
F. Vejahati et al.

Theoretical modelling of the electrode thickness effect on maximum power point of dye-sensitized solar cell
M. Ni et al.

Systems Biology: The synergistic interplay between biology and mathematics
P. Dhurjati, R. Mahadevan.

Petroleum Residue Upgrading Via Delayed Coking: A Review
A.N. Sawarkar et al.

Non-Linear Model Predictive Control: A Personal Retrospective
B.W. Bequette.

Understanding Water-Based Bitumen Extraction from Athabasca Oil Sands
J. Masliyah et al.


October 2009, Volume 87, Issue 5
J.B.P. Soares.

April 2010, Volume 88, Issue 2
J.B.P. Soares.

April 2010, Volume 88, Issue 2
E. Jones.

August 2010, Volume 88, Issue 4: Preface to GLS 9 special issue
M. Al-Dahhan.

October 2010, Volume 88, Issue 5: Special series of articles on process control
R.B. Gopaluni1, C. Duchesne