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Editor: Eva Emerson

Online ISSN: 1943-0930

Editorial Board

Science News Editorial Staff
Publisher: Elizabeth Marincola
Editor in Chief: Eva Emerson
Managing Editor: Matt Crenson
Senior Editor/Policy: Janet Raloff
Assistant Managing Editor: Kristina Bartlett Brody
News Editor: Elizabeth Quill
Associate Editor: Emily Krieger
Astronomy: Ron Cowen
Behavioral Sciences: Bruce Bower
Biomedicine: Nathan Seppa
Earth Sciences: Sid Perkins
Environment and Chemistry: Rachel Ehrenberg
Life Sciences: Susan Milius
Molecular Biology: Tina Hesman Saey
Staff Writer: Laura Sanders
Editorial Assistant: Rachel Zelkowitz
Web Specialist/Editorial Secretary: Gwendolyn K.N. Gillespie
Science Writer Intern: Solmaz Barazesh
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